Celebrity Presidents?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Billyx1120, Sep 9, 2017.


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    Came across this article from earlier in the year
    There have also been calls for Will Smith, 'The Rock' and Tom Hanks for instance, - and there has been an Actor before in the Whitehouse
    Perhaps this is the way of the future - a Figurehead, a Mask the face that is trained and comfortable in facing the media/press with confidence - and hides the dark(er) side of Government
    .... Pity Arnie is ineligible to run, his "Talk to the hand" philosophy would show resolve and we all know what would be his catchphrase in running for a second term
  2. Piaf

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    Will Smith is an idiot.
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  3. Irminsul

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    About the only one that'd do a good job is Harrison Ford.
  4. Noserider

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    Yeah, I'd prefer a politician who actually knows how American government works.

    We've had our experiment with a celebrity in office for eight months now, and its not working.
  5. unfocusedanakin

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    The days of career politicians are over in the US for a while. Many people in office will still be that but what Trump's people like is the "outsider". The system is corupt so the person in the system should have no experience. This means he is not tainted. Long before him those who had spent their life working for his party would never admit it. They were always the outsider always fighting for the the little guy in a corupt Washington ESPECIALLY during Obama because obviously the whole town is now a Muslim conspiracy to destroy Christian America.

    It sounds a bit silly to me. When my house floods I don't want a plumber he's an industry insider. There was even a small movement to change the Constitution to allow Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president. He's not a native born American so he can not. But what he was most importantly was a Republican in a time of war against the left. There is always a war with them and the fact that he was governor of a California a place they also hate because it is full of liberal ideas was a huge victory for them. He needed to be held up as an example.

    Trump only tapped in to a long standing tension and hate he is not reinventing the wheel. These people always disliked other people. The perception of Washington being corrupted is not going away even with his failure to "drain the swamp. Even with his actions which show he is in fact part of the swamp. None of it matters because the Democratic party still exists.

    A man like Trump is respected because he made money (even though he only lost his father's money). He's the best kind of American because of this. Not a dirty European socialist or liberal but a man who made his own way in life. He can even admit he does not pay taxes. This too is respected because he is smart enough not to. Did he break the law? No, he only used it to his advantage. I foresee the Republican party putting forth many business men like this in the future and emphasizing that these men are the American Dream. There are already a few that have expressed interest.

    The Democrats are also pretty much in shambles at this point. They did so much damage shoving Hillary down people's throats. People know of the corruption that did it. We know she was not the choice of 51% or more of her party as Democracy should be. She is also an insider picked by a swamp. So I would not be surprised if successful left leaning people such as Oprah actuly are running.
  6. SpacemanSpiff

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  7. Meliai

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    I've heard he waters his grass with Gatorade. It has electrolytes!
  8. Asmodean

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    Well, at least he smokes grass right :p Or are we talking about his lawn? :-D

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    Just seems to me that just as "Video killed the Radio star", so Celebrity-ism will put an end to the principles of political conscience (?)

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