CBS Execs Fired Over Rathergate

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gabino, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Gabino

    Gabino Member

    4 CBS employees have been terminated as a result of lies and inaccuracies in the September October News story about President Bush's National Guard Service.

    This includes 3 CBS Execs, and does not include Dan Rather who has already anounced his resignation.

    Official Change that comes as a result -- There is no longer such a thing as Media Bias -- It is now to be called "Myopic Zeal".
  2. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    See, no matter how much you bitch about the media, they are still better than the government.
    Bush uses a phony document that was so terribly forged it was on the wrong stationary, signed by the wrong person, and prolly had "FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY" in big bold letters at the top :) as a pretext for war.
    He get's re-elected.
    CBS uses a document that was forged very well, and it took some fucking type-setting experts to figure out it was fake, they rushed to a story about how 'gasp' president bush, despite supporting the war, used connections to get out of combat.
    Half the damned network gets fired.

    Beautiful, ain't it?
  3. jesuswasamonkey

    jesuswasamonkey Slightly Tipsy

    Except in the case of Fox News, where it is to be called "Fair and balanced reporting."
  4. Gabino

    Gabino Member

    See that's exactly what I mean.

    Those are two perfect examples. Myopic Zeal at it's finest.

    Good work.
  5. homebudz

    homebudz Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    From what I have been able gather is:they can't prove it's real,AND they can't prove it's not.But,given bush's piss poor military track record,I don't doubt it's authenticity.IMHO
  6. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    No, they proved it wrong, because the type of type writer the guy would have used didn't have keys for 'th''s in the upper part, i forget what it is called. They know now that it was made in word.
    But still, why is the media more accountable for the president. why can the president get away with using a forged document to back up his claim that saddam has wmds, but the media can't get away with a forged document to back up their claim that George is a little hypocritical yellow-belly when it comes to Vietnam.
    And this myopic zeal? you mean that we are eager to see things short-sighted?
    Yeah, it's me that's not paying enough attention to the long term, i admit it...
  7. Gabino

    Gabino Member

    Well admitting you have a problem is the beginning of the healing process.

    Hey what do you think of this?
    Heads are rolling at CBS, and almost all of them have long, soft hair.

    The girls get the boot. The boys get the bye.
  8. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    You still haven't fucking defined 'myopic zeal' so i don't know if i have a problem or not yet.... I mean, if i am able to draw parrelles between Bush's use of forged documents to back up a war and CBS using forged documents to back up a story, doesn't that in some way go in my favor?
    Myopic: short sighted.
    Zeal: Exubrience, religious state.

    So... i'm exubriently religously short sighted?

    My guess: you heard this on AM radio, don't know what it means, and you just like the way it sounds.

    Well you my friend are guilty of alucinor ignoratio

    p.s. i'll admit that i'm guilty of non compos mentis and carpulenium sunt!
  9. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    Are you fucked up on something? seriously? where can i get some?
  10. Gabino

    Gabino Member

    I honestly beleive that "defined" must be the favorite word of liberals everywhere. They're always defining things, and giving word definitions, as if, if people only knew the definitions of words, then they would all be liberals.

    As far as "myopic zeal", I do know what it means, but it isn't my term at all -- It's what CBS says Dan Rather and the fired Execs were guilty of.

    It wasn't media bias, they say. It was myopic zeal.

    Apologies will be accepted below.
  11. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    Socrates would destroy people's arguements because he would ask people to define the terms that they would use loftily.

    I wanted you to define myopic zeal.
    You accused me of it, so it is the least you could do. I mean it's not like i'd call you a queef or anything....
    'member you said:

    See that's exactly what I mean.

    Those are two perfect examples. Myopic Zeal at it's finest.

    Good work.

    Myopic Zeal could be in the context you put it either excusing the behavior of people that agree with us by citing examples of more agregious behavior by people who don't agree with us. like foxnews is less reputable than CBS, or that Bush used a forged document as a prextext for war. Other examples could be Clinton lied about a blow job, Bush lied about an invasion.

    It could also mean that in the news media there is a huge importance attached to breaking the story first, because people would know it was you who broke it and you'd get famous. They cleared the story prematurely in a zeal that was, ultimately myopic.

    Seeing as it is more likely the latter rather than the former, i wonder if there is a word for doing that. the germans prolly have one, they have a word for everything.
  12. Gabino

    Gabino Member

    See --- Your question has already been answered.

    But if you like examples, I found some perfect illustrations in the San Francisco Chronicle {very, very liberal SF Chronicle}.

    I'll search and post.
  13. Gabino

    Gabino Member

    CBS and the Holy Grail

    Debra J. Saunders <>

    PRODUCER MARY MAPES and the crew at "60 Minutes Wednesday" viewed their segment on President Bush receiving special treatment in the Texas Air National Guard as the "Holy Grail," before it aired last September. Mapes was right. The story is just like King Arthur's Holy Grail: the stuff of legend.

    That's my take on a report by former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh and former Associated Press honcho Louis Boccardi, which CBS commissioned after the expose melted down. The Dan Rather story purported to show that one former National Guard officer was pressured to "sugar coat" Bush's record. Instead, the story showed that "60 Minutes" was on an ill-fated crusade.

    Mapes' quest for the grail began in 1999, when she looked into allegations that Bush pere's political connections got Bush into the National Guard despite a waiting list. "Significantly," the report noted, "Mapes indicated in the April 1999 e-mail that she had been informed that there was no waiting list for President Bush's TexANG unit at the time he entered." Maj. Gen. Bobby Hodges told her that the Guard was "hurting for pilots at that time. "

    No waiting list. No story.

    But five years later, Mapes had rejoined the crusade.
    She contacted a Bush-hating blogger, who told her she believed that a retired Lt. Col. Bill Burkett had a classified document damaging to Bush. Mapes began courting Burkett, apparently undeterred by that fact that he had a history of changing his story.

    In 2000, Burkett had told an author and a blogger that he was sent to Panama as punishment for refusing to falsify records on Bush. Later he told the Houston Chronicle that wasn't accurate.

    In 2000, Burkett also spread the story that he had overheard a conference call on a speakerphone between National Guard brass and staff for then-Gov. George W. Bush about "scrubbing" Bush documents. In 2004, Burkett added a new twist when he told the Dallas Morning News that he saw Bush documents in a waste can.

    Think about his story: Guard brass and the Bushies were so dumb they left a door open during a speakerphone conference call as they planned a cover-up, and instead of shredding or burning the documents, they threw them in the trash. Somehow, none of those documents made the papers during the 2000 election. God works in mysterious ways.

    When Mapes and a colleague met with Burkett, he didn't hand them a smoking gun from the scrubbed documents. No, in a new twist, he handed them copies of documents written by a dead guy, the late Lt. Col. Jerry Killian.

    Documents from a dead guy, not the official papers that first interested them -- and Mapes and company still believed. Talk about faith.

    Burkett gave different explanations as to how he got the documents. No problem-o. All four experts hired to authenticate the documents refused to do so, although one authenticated Killian's signature. Two, however, warned that the documents had big problems. Mapes ignored them. She only saw her Holy Grail.

    Burkett had told the CBS crew he wanted to be a paid consultant, that he wanted the network to provide him protection and, if necessary, pay to relocate his family. Still, CBS put its reputation in his hands.

    Burkett also wanted Mapes to put him in touch with John Kerry campaign biggies so that Burkett could tell them how he thought they should rebut charges made by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Mapes delivered.

    Thornburgh and Boccardi summed up her call to Camp Kerry as "a clear conflict of interest -- that created the appearance of political bias." But they refused to "conclude that a political agenda at '60 Minutes Wednesday' drove either the time or the airing of the segment or its content."

    Meanwhile, they provided plenty of ammo for those who see bias. There were the men who were cited as authorities on air, even though they had no personal knowledge of the documents. There were the voices that contradicted Burkett -- Killian's wife, son and superior officer -- but who were left out of the story, or misrepresented. Not only did the show not heed experts who warned that the documents were dicey -- it told the public these experts authenticated the papers.

    Worse, there was no voice of reason that questioned how CBS got dirt in a week that journalists had tried to unearth for years.

    The worst of it is that Mapes, Rather and company saw this as the "Holy Grail" -- when it was a nothing story.

    As the report noted, even those who served with Bush had widely disparate views of his service. Some said Bush had a free ride, others that he was an exemplary officer. News organizations already had reported information that supported those who believe Bush slacked off. This one 30-years-cold tidbit --

    if it were true -- would have changed nothing. That's Mapes' Holy Grail.

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