CaveFest and family in southern IL/Shawnee nat'l park

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by tumbledownDNA, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. tumbledownDNA

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    me and some buddies are heading down to CaveFest in southern IL on 4/20. its a small music fest complete with regional jam bands, bluegrass groups and even a DJ lineup. It takes place in Shawnee Salt Petre Ampitheater, a stage set up under a big rock overhang/cave-like formation. Was wondering if a lot of family will be attending? i've seen a few posts on dif sites mentioning Shawnee Nat'l forest, so thought maybe some people would be going. Also are there any gatherings happening in the southern IL/northern KY/Missouri during the week after 4/20? me and the boys might want to take a little detour home if there's anything going on.

    check out cavefest its only 25 bucks, just search on google and you'll find it

    thanks all and much love

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