caught materbating !!!

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by jeeper_rob, Apr 7, 2007.

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    well my and my gurl were in bed, and we both were up but she went up stairs and kept bugging me to come up with her, well i didnt wanna go up... so she went up anyway and i knew she was in the bathroom cuz i could hear her up there, and so i thought hmmm.... im horny and hard hey why not eh!! well boy was i wrong hahahahaha i got down beside the bed, and pull my hard cock out and starting stroking man did it feel sooo good, and i was stroking away and my balls were flopping around, and i could could feel that i was about to cum and getting closer and closer to cumming, and then next thing i know... BAM!!! she opens the door to get something, and so i jumped on to the few clothes that were on the floor beside my basket and all i could think of to say is "were are my socks??" and she was like ummm.. what were you doing ?? and i told her im looking for my socks over here, and she started laughin and was like no, you were playing with you're self weren't you.. and i was sooooo embrassed about it i told her over and over that i was looking for my socks!! hahahahaha then she wanted to help, but i mean i felt so embrassed and what not i told her no, and just got dressed and walked up stairs LOL..... what a way to start the easter weekend... and the later in when we were out in the car going for a drive she asked me about it and i told her that i was playing, and she asked why didnt you want me to help then ? and i said well i was pretty embrassed about so im sorry.... but she thinks it kinda funny, but also not funny..... anyway thought i would share my sat morning glory with you!!!
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