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Discussion in 'Busted!' started by greedyweedy, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. greedyweedy

    greedyweedy Member

    I was havin a couple of spliffs with a few buddies in the park by my house, joint in my hand, nodge of hash in my pocket. Next thing i look up and see the cunts driving thru the grass towards us. I just dropped the joint and stood on it. ya man was in the car about three feet away with the window down so i just blatantly threw the hash as far as i could. handcuffed straight away and fucked into the car. my friend had a nodge aswell and we were both in the car and i was giving cheek, so the **** goes to my friend, "your free to go and u wont anything about this again" just to make it worse for me.I was only 15 at the time but i got brought into the station and my parents had to collect me and i ended up with a formal caution.

    Dirty fuckin rat Cunts!!!
  2. Ducky

    Ducky Member

    You shouldn't mouth off at the cop, it's only gonna make things worse.
  3. Alaxsxa

    Alaxsxa Member

    True. i was talking w/ a cop and if he was telling me the truth, they have a lot of power over what they do w/ you in a lot of situations b/c the law often doesnt say exactly what they have to do. If you are polite and cooperative, they can let you go w/ a warning or something like that. If you are uncooperative and mouth off, they could arrest you and add on a bunch of charges.
  4. DeliPro

    DeliPro Member

    What if you mouth off to them but haven't done anything wrong?
  5. Alaxsxa

    Alaxsxa Member

    idk. i was just making the assumption that you already had done something illegal. If u really havent done anything then unless u really piss the cops off you should be free to go at any time.

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