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Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by Jetblack, May 17, 2004.

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    i got a cute little kitten named buttercup who is 2 years old shes has lived with me since she was born and has turned into a good healthy sometimes obiedient cat but anyways onto my question, my sister is coming to live with us and she also wants a cat of her own are their any tips on how to help my cat adapt more tot he other cat etc she has never been around another cat before if that helps thx
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    Ive had 7 cats over 10 years..currently have four.

    They will hiss and yowl and generally make it known that they are not happy with the situation...but it WILL get better. If the new cat is going to be a kitten then I think it will be easier..mine have tended to accept them quicker.
    Just be patient and they will soon get used to each other. Dont force them together..keep calm and dont worry too much if there are a few mini cat fights..its all normal for them to establish who is the boss.
    Funnily enough..its my old grumpy ginger tom cat that has been the best at accepting new additions to the family...a quick sniff and growl and he just ignored her.
    You may find your cat is a little off hand with you to start...but it will pass.
    Good luck.
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    Yes, it will take awhile, but they will get used to each other in most cases. When you first bring a new cat in, have it in a carrier and set it in the house and let the other cat come and sniff the new one. Then let the new one out. They will probably fight for awhile, but that will probably pass over time.

    And a lot of it will depend on the personalities of your cats. I've seen two kinds of situations where some cats just never get along. There is always a power structure among groups of cats. For example, I have 3 cats and Dusty is the most dominant, then Guinevere, then Meadow. Guinevere wants to be the most dominant so she sometimes picks fights with Dusty. And Dusty picks fights with her to show her dominance. And they've lived together for years. But they never hurt each other more than the occasional scratch on the nose. But there was one cat that I had to give to my mother because there was too much violent fighting over the dominance issues. Sometimes they just never get along, it depends on their personalities.

    Also sometimes there are cats who seem to just like picking on other cats for no apparent reason. My mother has this problem with one of her cats.
    So, sometimes they just never get along, it really depends on the personalities. But I've found that breaking up the fights doesn't do any good. They are usually fighting to work out problems and if they're not hurting each other then just let them fight so they can work things out on their own.
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    I had my first cat for 2 years when I brought home our little kitty. She was so mean to him and finally I don't know why I did this but I just picked her up and took her into the bedrrom. I yelled at her and told her that was her brother and she needed to get used to him and blah, blah, blah. (I realize that she is a cat) But, then I opened the door and she pretty much left him alone all night. The next day they were cuddled up on the couch together and she was acting kind of like a mom to him. Now they are hyper terrors and get along great but play so rough.

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