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Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Applespark, May 12, 2004.

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    I planted a bunch of hybrid lillies out front and one plant has bloomed so far but the otehr has not. I also planted some gardenias. I really dont know how to care for them properly. They are growing very fast but I don't knwo if I need to trim them or anything. Can someone help me.
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    The lilies are perennials and are faiirly self-sustaining. Just make sure you didn't plant the bulbs too deep (I'm guessing about six inches is the depth). They don't like the soil too moist. They can rot. If your soil is on the moist side, you can mound up the soil for better drainage. They also like the sun, either full or partial. A general purpose fertilizer is good (apply in the spring and before blooming), but not manure. After they run through their bloom cycle, let then die back naturally.

    For the gardenias I provide a link:

    Have fun getting dirt under your fingernails.:)
  3. Applespark

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    I guess waht I am asking is how to take care of them. The gardenias say they may not flower the first year....the part that is growing has no flowers in it so far it jsut looks like tall green plants. so I just leave tehm in the ground till next year? If I do that can I plant other things in that garden while leaving the bulbs there...
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    Sorry for the late response, applespark, I just found this thread again. Thankie, Skip, for getting "YOUR POSTS" back!!!;)

    I don't know about the gardenias. I would check with the link I gave. You say the gardenias are a bulb? I thought they were a woody shrub with a root system. I would think with you living in Sacramento that you can leave bulbs in the ground all year. Here in central Virginia, we only take out those bulbs that are tropical in origin.

    If the info on the gardenias said they might not flower in the first year, then I would concentrate on growing a strong plant to establish it.

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