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  1. I'm going to have to move into a caravan for a year or two while we are building and would like some decorating ideas.

    I have got the idea to paint the wall near the bed probably a green colour and then hang beads down near it to seperate it a little bit then paint the rest of it another colour but any other ideas would be handy!
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    a caravan sounds nifty! how big is the place? that would help with ideas. if it's a small space, i would suggest space savers that hang on the wall and containers. you could turn pretty fabric into curtains, put glow in the dark stars in the ceiling, maybe a little rug.
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  4. drumminmama

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    and you can do whatever you want?
    go nuts with paint and draped thin cloth (think of a Gypsy-Romani bardo/wagon)

    think space saving, as lucy said.
    it will look way cool when it arrives and shrink once you move in.
    I lived in a converted Stepvan, and we built the bed behind the two front seats and bolted a desk and shelves to the wall.
    You are going to have the bed at least built in, and possibly a table and some small amt of storage.

    when it arrives, check and see if the ceiling and walls are magnetic, if so, your job of making it cool just got easier! tapestries (or just funky fabric) and posters can go under the magnets. Get really strong ones at a hardware store.
    knick knacks will just be a pain. if you MUST have some, think about rotating a small collection and keeping the rest in a box.
    hang lamps. Look into paper lantern shades. Start with white, and if you get bored, take the shades down and tie-dye (actually splotch dye) them with food coloring (note, leave one a solid color, preferably with a white lining, as a reading lamp)

    another idea with lanterns is to thread them into a column of light using a strand of indoor christmas lights running down the center.
  5. lucyinthesky16

    lucyinthesky16 pirate wench

    they just had a show on travel channel (i think) talking about teardrop trailors and how people decorated them...i dont remember all of it, but i remember a strange one decorated in pillsberry dough boy attire :S weird.

    if you're going to have paper lantern shades, as drumminmamma said, make sure the bulb is of low wattage-high heat might catch the paper on fire

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