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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by xanexehsx, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. xanexehsx

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    for some reason, ever since i was like 5, i have been having reoccuring dreams about car accidents. they arent always the same kinds of bad things that happen, and they go away for a while and then come back... i dont like them. The most recent one that i had, was when i had like just fallen asleep 4 a min.. it almost seemed more like a vision...i was driving on a road like on the way back from my boyfriends house and there was a big mack truck infront of me. the truck slammed on its brakes for some reason and i was playing with the radio or something and i wasnt paying attention for a second and couldnt stop in time... the last thing that the dream showed was whoever i was with yelled, and i was just about to hit the back of the truck, and then i woke up.
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    Maybe u have a fear of being in a car accident and as far fetched as it may sound to you, it could be from a past life trauma. maybe? anyways i had a dream once that we (me and family) were in my mother-n-laws car when we wrecked, no one was hurt and i didn't think much of it until like a month later her son wrecked the same car causing it to total.. hope you find the answer for yourself though!:)

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