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  1. hi there for all

    switch the rich enfolded world,
    over turn,beneath the wealth.
    not a single child should cry.
    but the old see young humans still
    bleed to die...
    body wrapped in sudden cold.
    soul will frighten shiver,to see
    a world of a race,fighting with war.
    but the old remember more.......

    turn away,inploded view,
    its alright,i suppose it will
    not affect you...
    yet the world turns not for us,
    the capitalists chuckle,life
    for the working class...
    must be tough............

    so i write ,fingers twitch.
    words of passion,moment ripe.
    vote for none who,choose
    war it right...
    yet still the old,now more than
    death,dispair class,divide.
    ended paths for working class
    to never stride...

    thank you
    just something i felt today

    love n peace from saff.
  2. imaflake

    imaflake Member

    Oh my goodness, this one moved me. I loved the reference made to apathy in the second stanza. These are the kind of writings that have the potential to change the world. Thank you so much for sharing this.
  3. hi there

    just looking through my poetry

    and would like to say
    thank you for reading this piece..

    lovenpeace from saff

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