"can't you be mine?"

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by ~piscean]-[delusions, May 21, 2004.

  1. ~ p i s c e a n ]-[ d e l u s i o n s ~ my poetry ~ can't you be mine?

    There you are looking so pretty, inside so incredibly sweet
    such a beautiful woman, a sincere pleasure to meet
    The respect I have for you only continues to grow
    as do my feelings for you of which you donÕt know

    I feel the prescense of your warmth within my heart
    how could I share it with you, where do I start?
    I enjoy every moment of all the times we have shared
    and am very thankful for how much you have cared

    I wish there were a way for our two souls to unite
    for I believe a relationship between us would ignite
    into something so wonderful, honest and sincere
    with many happy memories year after year

    You are so much a part of my life I wish I could have your hand
    how special you make me feel, I need you to understand
    Your happiness and security are something I want to help you find
    I want to show the whole world that to me you are one of a kind

    I want to be the one for you when you need someone the most
    and wish I were the one in your arms being held close
    These thoughts of you I have are certain to last forever
    because I want so badly to make everything better

    How can I tell you without pushing you away
    I must keep these thoughts to myself every day
    I like to think that sometime we could be together
    to have and to hold and to leave you never

    I hope you hear me and I hope you realize
    how many times youÕve put tears in my eyes
    It pains me sometimes that you canÕt feel the same
    but if it is anyoneÕs fault, I am to blame
    For I should have known this is how it is to be
    that you can never be more than a friend to me
    Still I hope and will continue to keep wishing
    because I know without you how much IÕm missing

  2. Communism

    Communism Member

    That's the most beautiful poem I've ever heard.
  3. wow... I am truly appreciative for your comments, it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my poetry.
  4. I am teary eyed over here. That was so sweet!
  6. lunaluvcat

    lunaluvcat Member

    Can we please be together now.....
  7. fizzy_elf

    fizzy_elf Member

    wow. its so beautiful. is it about anyone you know? simply enchanting... :)
  8. actually... this poem is sort of about more than one woman, rather a few of the most wonderful women I've met throughout my life. I combined many of my feelings for each one individually to sum up how it has and still feels over the years.

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