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    Title says it. I can't drink more than a few drinks without getting sick. From September-December I drank a lot because there were a lot of parties for football games. I would drink but not get drunk you know. Then I gradually started to get drunk but I'd have to dilute it heavily before I could get it down. Then in december I snuck out and got a ride to a party where I got absolutely shit-faced. I had 2 screwdrivers with 2 shots each in them which got me drunk enough to not be afraid to take straight shots. I took 6 more shots. 2 brandy, 3 vodka, and one whiskey. Got home and puked in every toilet and sink in the house and ended up passing out on the floor being found by my parents in the morning. Didn't take another sip of alcohol until last night. I couldn't get a single shot of irish creme down. I took a sip of wine and wanted to puke so badly. I decided fuck drinking and went to bed lol. I don't know that I'll touch alcohol much until college now.
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    sounds like you shouldn't touch it period. Alcohol isn't for everyone.
  3. When I was 16,I could out drink anyone I knew.No bs,my average total of beers anyday I would drink(back then I drank alot like every weekend) was 15-20 beers.Now i'm the biggest lightweight you'll ever see!Seriously now I have like 4-8 beers and I'm pretty fucked up.Sometimes I have one and i'm already buzzed!I don't fuckin' get it,but I stopped drinking like 2 months ago.

    Haha,sitting here thinkin' of all those good times makes me want to pound a beer!:D

    And stay away from the hard stuff!My cousin almost died from drinking too much brandy(he went on a week long binge pounding this stuff).Now he can't even drink at all.If he drinks theres a good chance he could die.
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    My stomach's too small to drink beers and really get drunk often. They fill me up too quick (wine coolers and bitch beers are the only ones I've ever had, I won't drink real beer). I prefer to stick to harder liquors, but it's all about timing. It's not that you can't handle alcohol, you just can't handle the amount that you put in it at a given time. You've got to pace yourself, you can't expect your body to just easily accept excess of something it's not used to. Basically, the best way to do things without losing your stomach is drink until you're drunk, put your drink down, hold off on the alcohol, then when you start coming down, you can drink again. If you drink too much too fast, your body can't process it as quickly as it needs to and your stomach will flat out reject it. Your body can handle a lot of shit, you just have to make sure you pace yourself and know your limit.
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    a lot of water is what most people forget.

    at any rate, its easy to get nauseus if the last time you got pissed was real dirty. but you get over it once you have a non-bad experience again
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    Agree wholeheartedly.

    I Know...

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