CannonLake Delayed Again

Discussion in 'Computers and The Internet' started by wooleeheron, Apr 27, 2018.

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    Intel had originally planned to release their sub 10nm cannonlake chips over a year ago, and has delay its release again raising my suspicions that the entire industry is ready for a shakeup.

    The different "shrinks" for chips are sometimes much better than others, just because silicon isn't so great to work with at some dimensions. The 16nm Ivy Bridge chips were excellent, even lasting longer on the average, but its been downhill since then with everyone complaining the 14 and 12 nanometer shrinks are not as good, and Intel now putting off releasing its smallest chips yet. AMD is doing good with 7nm chips, and I suspect the real reason intel is putting it off is because they are reaching the limits of Moore's Law for what it is economical to do with silicon.

    It was Intel who introduced the current raised fin technology widely used, and the next generation chips will have to use something different, and once Intel actually releases these chips people will be able to see what it is the 800lb gorilla thinks is the future of silicon chips. This secrecy would also explain why Intel is now hiring AMD graphics card engineers to help them design their own graphics cards as well, as simply Intel holding off revealing its hand before they have all their ducks lined up. By all accounts, next year the crap is going to hit the fan in more than one way, as the giants pound out the next generation PC architecture everyone will be using. In 2020 the new consoles should be on the market and that's when we'll see even more surprises that could set new standards for the next decade or longer.

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