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  1. I just bought a 5 seed pack of cannatonic of Attitude, I'll be growing them using a 1000 watt mh/hps air cooled light, fox farm ocean forest soil and full fox farm nutrient line, and Light Warrior Seed Starter. Anybody have any tips or recommendations?
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  3. Update:

    I'll be using the paper towel method to germinate, after they pop out of their shell I'll be planting them in Light Warrior Seed Starter soil.
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    Cannatonic strain is best cultivated outdoors where the plants can get as much sunlight to give you the best harvest possible. when grown outdoors, yield you can expect can reach up to 500 grams per square meter. this is a good strain to grow mate if you're looking for a high THC content
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    no, from all I've heard cannatonic is known for having either relatively equal %'s of CBD & THC or higher CBD than THC. Some of the cannatonic I have tried had 18% CBD and 9% THC.
    check the link in the OP.
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    When I think back on all the seeds I threw out......
    Over the years I have thrown out lots of pure sativa strains, Columbian, Mexican, Acapolco, etc. and lots of Asian Indica seeds, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Philippines, etc.

    I'm sure pure/original genetics seeds would fetch top dollar nowadays.

    30-40 years ago seeds were pretty much trash, now they are gold.

    If I only knew then what I know now.........:sad:

    still looking for some Thai seeds from 1982 I have stashed around here somewhere. :willy_nilly:
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    drop the over priced ferts. fox farm is good soil, it doesn't need anything until part way into flowering and at that point just a little P and K about half-way through is really all that's needed. imho.

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