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    I just noticed that the mj delivery service I've been using offers canna lotion. Has anyone ever tried it? I'm thinking about ordering some...
    here is an article I just read about the lotion:

    "Normally when we talk about ways to intake medical marijuana, we discuss edibles, or smoking/vaporizing the cannabis. However one of the more popular ways for those afflicted with respiratory or digestion problems is Canna-Lotion. Canna-Lotion isn’t exactly a powerhouse as far as cannabis is concerned and that’s perfectly ok as it isn’t meant to be, but it does provide some interesting results as far as pain relief is concerned.

    Taking a small amount upon your finger, you directly apply the lotion to the troubled area (be it migraine, nausea, ext...) and simply wait for the medicine to be absorbed. The way this works is called a transdermal method in which THC is absorbed directly through the pores in your skin. While I find this method to be extremely affective, it is very hard to find your level of medication as it takes time to absorb (just like when digesting edibles). It's also extremely easy to overdo it on this medicine, causing you to fall asleep.

    I recommend usage of this for patients with any form of the following: nausea, arthritis, mild to moderate migraines and other pain, cramps, and insomnia. The lotion was very effective at targeted areas when I knew medicine would be needed, but ineffective for instant relief in a pinch. It can also be used in conjunction with the Cannabis Infused Topical Spray for quicker absorption."

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