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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by indigorainhemp, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. I want to learn how to make candles ,,any GREAT sites out there?

    I also want to make them and put them into glass jars/holders.

    Does anyone know where to get groovy decrotive jars for wholesale prices?

    I found some plain clear jars which are great but I also want some great lil jars with designs,,,

    lemme know any good places to start making candles!!
  2. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Here ya go, these are some of my favorite suppliers:

    Moonglow has some nice apothocary jars for container candles.

    If there is a Michael's art supply store near you, it's a great place to buy wax in bulk and save yourself some shipping costs.
  3. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    I love making candles... I bought some wax and a few funky molds from where I work (I'm in a craft store) and I've made a few gifts... I'm surprised how well they turn out...
  4. Faerie

    Faerie Peachy

    Random candle directions.....
    Take a box of crayons.... and a crayon sharpener.... make lots of shavings with lots of diferent colors (try to make them a little thick by pushing hard intho the sharpener) Place cupcake wrappers in a cupcake tray... Place wicks in each holder... add shaving and bake at a low temperater to make the crayon wax melt just enough to stick together (the middle takes longer) Ta Da.... Pretty colourful crayon candles :)
  5. yesplease

    yesplease Member

    you can also melt the crayons on top of the stove in a coffee can ... i'm always a fan of doing the dip candles--take a length of wick, and dip it into the wax, and then into cold water, then into the wax, then the cold water etc.etc. until it builds up. simple but fun! good luck!
  6. sarahstar

    sarahstar Member

    if you are going to eventually sell them i don't recommend craft store wax or crayons. it would be really hard to get consistent results with either. not that the craft store wax is bad quality, but you really don't know what you are getting, which after making a few batches and doing some reading, you will probably find out is pretty important. that and they are pretty expensive most of the time.

    i have heard that moonglow is alright from at least one person, but i choose not to buy from the other two places already listed - the first because of quality/price issues, and the second because of poor customer service.

    what kind of candles are you looking to make? most of the info i found when i first started was through searches online, and i'm sure i have some links i can pass on to you.
  7. Hey thanks guys!

    I want to start with some soy wax and really good smelly oils to add.
    And I want to just pour them into glass jars,,,,candle holders etc...

    Trying to find some wholesale cute lil "shot glass" style jars of various sizes and designs ,,,,

    Yeah I want to sell them but only for maybe 1-5 bucks at some of the hippie shows I go to .

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