Cancel culture is the free market of the GOP

Discussion in 'Politics' started by unfocusedanakin, Jun 18, 2020.

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    Why is this a bad buzzword now? I mean when the GOP did not agree with something they make a point to say we will not buy it and we hope your business suffers because of our choice. They even as far as buying the product they said they would not just so they could be seen destroying it online. They really needed the attention of being seen simply not doing it was not enough. They did not donate coolers or razors they shot them with their Ar-15 or flushed them down the toilet.

    Now that the left wing uses the free market in the same way it's bad. As usual it's do as I say not as I do. I think what's upsetting to them is left wing boycotts actuly get results. For example Yeti coolers did not give a shit when they pissed of the NRA. They still got business. Taco Bell is really concerned they need to rebrand now over this video. "Cancelling" is just a reminder that they are few and the rest are many.

    It's real simple: the buyer has the right to judge the morals of a company and decided if they want to spend money. Republican causes are generally seen as racist and wrong now so a lot of people will boycott places that support that. It's the free market the people will speak. In 1970 these companies could word for word say the same stuff and people would buy from them. Times change.

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