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Discussion in 'Canada' started by bertrose, May 24, 2004.

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    Hey, I live in the US, but im getting really sick of the government's bullshit, that i want to start looking at colleges in canada. Are there any good colleges for computer science there? I saw that they are pretty cheap, compared to US. What are the weed laws like there? Anything else about Canada? Anything else about colleges? Anything said would be helpful.

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    waterloo is probly the best university for computer science

    the university of toronto(where i go) is also very good

    these would be the top two univesities in ontario for comp sci.

    york, carleton and ottawa also have decent programs. thats all i can remember, been a long time since i was looking at universities.

    weed laws are very leniant here, atleast in ontario (as well as bc, and quebec i think)

    my tuition is curretnly bout $7k canadian a year, but yours will be more since you arent a canadian citizen
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    Weed laws are in place but no in all cases enforced. My friend got caught with a 14 of bud and cop just chucked it. Hell i just walked around my area smokign a spliff half hour ago didn't think twice about cops. But still not good to be obvious. Prices varie depending who you know, i can pull an ounce for 140 and thats pretty good for my area
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    Was it hard to get into U of T?
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    no, i did not take the whole university application procress seriously in high school...anyways,thats besides the point...i had an average in the low 80s and i got in. i went to a really hard to school though, i know people with lower averages that got in. i wouldnt really recommend it but i have a lot of personal issues with uoft.
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    university of waterloo has an awesome reputation for computer science and sees that their grads have the best recruiters coming through there once they are done, such as Microsoft who reportedly visits UW before any US college at graduation time.

    want more info - click here

    I went to UW for Arts and Social Work and graduated in '99, '01 and '02. But I remember the massive pink tie during frosh week on the math and computers building, lol.

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