Can you go a week withOUT the internet?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by HawaiianEye, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. HawaiianEye

    HawaiianEye Member

    If not why? As for me I can easily manage without the internet for a week.And I find the less I use it ,the less I want to use it.
  2. Jaitaiyai

    Jaitaiyai Cianpo di tutti capi

    Then once again the question must be asked - why are you here?

    I can manage without the internet, I have before when we went to India for a month and a half but it doesn't mean I want to. EDIT: This is excluding work, of course. Half the time I email my work to myself when it's easier than using USB and I access my school files using the school website. Not only that but we use it in our IT lessons and I use it for research and the like.
  3. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    Of course I can.
    It isn't vital to my survival.
  4. TheGanjaKing

    TheGanjaKing Newbie

    fuck no

    I'd shoot myself
  5. Bonkai

    Bonkai Later guys

    I have before, it's easy if you have many things to distract you.
  6. zilla939

    zilla939 Thought Police Lifetime Supporter

    no, i couldn't. i hate wanting to know something and not being able to find out immediately. i write music and often use online resources to do so. i am fully attached to my laptop and blackberry. i am a fucking 21st century techno-kid.
  7. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    Yes I could and have gone without Internet.

    But why?

    It makes me money and links me to the outside world.

    Plus there is stuff I want to learn and research.

    Love me some Internet.:D
  8. McLeodGanja

    McLeodGanja Banned

    No, because I'm not living in sodding hawaii!
  9. HawaiianEye

    HawaiianEye Member

    LOL. In Hawaii people use the internet too.But I guess a small part of "how much and how often" one uses the net is where they do reside.For example,it is easier to be out and about here because of nice weather and beautiful scenery etc. year round.
  10. McLeodGanja

    McLeodGanja Banned

    Right! Whereas in Scotland the weather is grim as fuck 9-10 months of the year...
  11. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    I would miss my downloading, but that would be it...

    But then I would miss playing my computer games with people online...But that is all...
  12. HawaiianEye

    HawaiianEye Member

    But I've heard Scotland is a beautiful country though.
  13. McLeodGanja

    McLeodGanja Banned

    It is, in it's own cold, dark, wet and windy kind of way...

    The odd time you do get nice summery weather though, it is fucking glorious!
  14. toolmaggot

    toolmaggot Nuts Go Here.

    I've been without the internet for about two weeks now. My mum took our computer to her new office, then failed to get internet at her office. I've been losing my mind. So I've just been very intoxicated and very outrageous lately. She FINALLY hooked up the internet in here, but I still have to fucking leave my house if I want to use a computer.
  15. KatieMarrie

    KatieMarrie Member

    It wouldn't kill me and I've done it before.
  16. junglejack

    junglejack aiko aiko

    Ive gone 40 plus yrs before this thing was even around- - Im sure I can do a week on my head
  17. *kushbaby*

    *kushbaby* Member

    as long as i can use my cell phone no need for internet haha!
  18. Humminbird

    Humminbird Member

    It's nice to have around in the winter time, but come summertime, I won't log in but once a week - so yea, I can do iT!
  19. Mr. Mojo Risin'

    Mr. Mojo Risin' Senior Member

    A week is easy.
  20. redyelruc

    redyelruc The Yard Man

    I could and have gone without the internet for years at a time.

    Get a life!

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