can I get dreads like these if Im asian?

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by Takeshi92, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Takeshi92

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    First off, hey I'm new to the forum, its nice to meet you all.

    I want to get dreads like Zack De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine (but when they were short like 1990-93) like this

    what I like about his hair besides just how it looked back then is it has alot of volume, its alot of dreads not just a few and its not just flat or parts to the sides of his face.

    but I'd like to know is it even possible for me? I have asian hair, so its very flat and thin. Some people tell me yes, others no. I know its dumb to get dreads trying to look exactly like someone else but his are the only kind I've seen that I like and I REALLY like them! So if getting dreads means my hair will come out random then maybe they're not for me? What do you guys think? If I were to go to a salon (cause I have NO CLUE how to do it by myself) would they be able to make it like his or am I just being ignorant? How long would be hair have to be? (right now I have like medium-long length. bangs down to my nose, sides under my ears and back hair down to my shoulders.)

    thanks alot for reading, I appreciate it. :)
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    Dreads from wavy, straight and curly hair look different. They "weave" in different ways, based on the way the hair emerges from the follicle.

    I have seen lovely dreads on Asian heads.
    I've seen ratty dreads on Asian heads.
    Thin is less of a problem, since you essentially keep your shed hair.

    Salons, likely little advice here, lots of opinions.
    Read the FAQ to see what your journey might look like, as many of the people here started with straight Caucasian hair.

    Don't expect one set of dreads to look exactly like another. You can encourage in a direction, however.

    The photos you linked are highly possible for you. Do know that hair shrinks up as it locks. Estimate half for a mental picture.

    Someone else will have to chime in about growth rate once loced.
  3. Bubbletonic

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    It's a really bad idea to start dreadlocks with an aim to mimic someone else's hair, because you're in all likelihood going to be disappointed. Everyone's hair locks up differently. Everyone has different thickness and texture of hair that's going to result in rather different looking dreadlocks.

    Zack from RATM has REALLY curly hair with lots of volume, so when he had young dreadlocks they were massive in volume. If he had let his hair continue to grow and lock, well then it would have settled down due to the weight. So what you're trying to achieve is a look that someone with very different hair texture had at one point doing the lifetime of their dreadlocks,

    You have pretty much the opposite hair texture to Zack: flat, thin Asian textured hair, so your dreadlocks would look very different to his. If you have thick, voluminous hair, then you're going to get similar dreads, if you have small, thin hair.. well you're going to get small, thin dreadlocks.

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