Can I get away with one plant in an apartment?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by AceK, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. AceK

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    I've never grown weed before but I decided to plant a seed that I got out of a sack of weed. Well yesterday I noticed it has cracked open and you can see a tiny plant starting to grow. My question concerns the smell of growing marijuana. I would just be doing this one plant just to see how hard it is since I've got some lights that i'm growing some other plants under. Could I get away with doing this in an apartment in the city, I'm worried about how loud it will smell as there are lots of people that live in this building very close to me and if the smell made it out of my apartment through the door then it might make the whole floor I'm on reek like weed and that would not be good at all. Plus another thing I'm worried about is my apartment is one of the two that are on the end of the hallway closest to the elevator, so people would be walking right past my door all day and they'd sometimes have to wait for a while for the elevator to come which would give them time to notice the smell and really think about it. I'm sure my nose would probably get used to the smell to an extent also and I wouldn't think it was really that noticeable and I would be okay when in reality any other person would be like "Damn, that smells like some loud". And I'm sure once you have plants growing it gets to a certain point where you can't really turn back.

    I've done some things with chemicals that smelled pretty strong where I taped around the front door and opened the window, but I did that at night when most people would not be awake to smell it.

    How much would a single plant smell when flowering? Could I get away with it, I don't have the ends to go out and purchase all the things to set up a sealed room with air filtration and whatnot to filter out the smell, I just want to see if I can grow this one plant and if I like it and it's successful then I might invest more heavily.
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  2. eatlysergicacid

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    Even one plant will smell very strong and the smell does a good job of spreading. Growing is a bad idea if you don't have the resources to deal with the smell.
  3. AceK

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    That's what I was afraid of...I think I'll let it grow just a little longer though until it gets to that point where I get paranoid about the smell and if I don't have the resources by that time I guess I could just get rid of it or something. I do think cannabis plants are very attractive plants, especially when seedlings.
  4. GrassGrower

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    You don't really need fancy equipment to pull this off. All you really need is a carbon filter and a fan to pull through it, the exhaust will create negative pressure within the cab thus keeping the smell in. You can pick up a 6" fan and make your own filter for fairly cheap.

    Didn't mean to necro-post, I didn't realize until it was too late.
  5. Its nice to buy seeds b/c you can get a strain thats not as skunky. I think some auto's would do really well as you can get some that grow small plants. You really should get a grow area that is sealed and have a carbon filter system hooked up to it. If you dont have this its not worth the risk of being kicked out of the apartment for growing a plant.
  6. So a plant shouldn't smell at all like pot until it's in flowering. While it's in veg, be sure to give it lots of light, thats what really makes it grow, the higher the wattage the better. 1000 watts would be the best, but they can get expesnive at that size and also take a noticeable amount of electricity on your bill.

    Someone already said it, but if you wanted to get more serious, a carbon filter is key to taking out all of the smell. You could literally smoke through that filter, and you'd see the smoke come out, and it'd smell like random burning, but not any pot.

    Also with seeds, it takes weeks, months even to find out its gender. You may just be supporting a male plant and won't have to worry about buds :(

    Best of luck, are you still even growing this plant?
  7. Bud D

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    Carbon and a vortex fan. Get a tent so you have negative pressure inside the tent. Keep it small and in a bedroom. Honestly starting a grow from one seed can get too big too quick.

    I would get all my gear and wait to pop a bean as buying gear can get Leo's radar a blip. I would stay small in wattage and quiet.
  8. TurmoilAndy

    TurmoilAndy Members

    Yeah why not, iv been doing it my whole life.

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