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    We are sending this message to inform you about the collaborative project of Baxes in Ioannina, Greece, and to ask, if possible, for your cooperation and support.

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    Baxes is a common vision of three young people in Ioannina; a grocery store which will be able to purchase agricultural products directly from the manufacturers and make them available to people without passing from the labyrinthine corridors of intermediaries, on the one hand giving farmers a great part of their labor, and on the other making healthy food accessible to everyone. A grocery store that shall not only be limited to trading food, but also act as a mean of social solidarity by organizing collective cooked food distribution every week in the square in front of Baxes and in other areas in the city. Our main objective is to contribute to the formation of a network of production and distribution of food associated with self-managed agricultural collectives around the world which will contribute in the preservation of local varieties and oppose invasion of genetically modified foods on our plate.

    A supportof yours will be helpful, as we refuse any dependence on the Greek state or the Banks and we rely on our own capabilities and on support of people all over the world, starting a funding campaign through Indiegogo.

    Thank you in advance,
    Comradely greetings
    The Baxes team

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