Discussion in 'Gay' started by Duncan, May 13, 2004.

  1. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    Anybody here do any outdoor camping ?
  2. yeah. and the relevance of that...???
  3. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    Anybody here do any outdoor camping ?
  4. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    It leads itself to offering a possible anecdote. I don't think of camping as something that gay men particularly enjoy doing. Perhaps someone has a story about such an event, might mention a spot, or make a shy person less inhibited about wanting to explore the possibility.

    With a comment such as "...and the relevance of that..." one is left feeling unnecessarily defensive and extremely put upon to elaborate.

    So when I ask a question, it doesn't really need to be responded to with an acerbic attempt at sarcasim.
  5. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    I don't know any gay man that DOESN'T like camping. C'mon now. You should know better than to follow stereotypes about homosexuality. Yes, gay men like to camp and not all of them eat quiche. I'm actually a little suprised that one would assume this. Do you not like camping? Have you ever been? I guess I'm just trying to find out where you came up with your theory of gays disliking camping.

    Regarding Eliza's comment, too many people in the past have started threads irrelevant to the forum in which they are posting. I can kinda understand her reaction here. Not only that, but it's hard to tell what someone is thinking by the limited text we have to base our opinions on. Reading back, my post seems rather negative, but I don't mean it the way it's coming out. Undortunately, I'm still too tired this morning to figure out a way to express myself without the convenience of vocal inflection.

    But yes, gay men like camping. It's the same for them as it is for straight men. I don't know what I could tell you that I wouldn't tell a straight man regarding the positives of camping. It's pretty much the same, except that some of the men sleep with other men as opposed to women.
  6. txbarefooter

    txbarefooter Senior Member

    I'm gay and I camp and I'm not talking about those hotel rooms on wheels either (RV's). I mean in a tent on a sleeping bag, cooking meals on a portable Coleman stove (camping doesn't hafta mean totally roughing it) and NOT having a tv any where around.

    I know a lot of straight guys that don't camp, so as already said .. one can't make generalizations about who and who doesn't go camping.
  7. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    There is a lot of unnecessary confusion here about this post. I simply asked if anyone camped. I don't. I was in the Boy Scouts as a youngster and I absolutely hated it. I had severe allergies as a young child and teenager, and being outside in the elements was not beneficial to my health.

    As an adult I almost exclusively stayed in urban areas and if I were going somewhere rural would almost always rent a motel.

    Just asking because I see there is a camping and retreating forum here and I wanted to know what the gay group was up to in this area.
  8. lol

    i just think its hilarious that the subject to your thread was 'camp' and it was actually about camping...

    not about being... camp...

    in a gay... forum...

    oh never mind.
  9. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    I've been outdoors approximately six times. I absolutely hate it. Sun, mosquitos, wind, heat. I don't like sweating. And sleeping on the ground? Am I missing something? My idea of roughing it is opening up a bag of trailmix from Trader Joes.
  10. Night_Owl49

    Night_Owl49 Since 2006

    I'm planning to go camping in vermont in august. I don't have that much experience, but I'm ready for something new.

    I love the outdoors most of the time.
  11. CrazybutLazy

    CrazybutLazy Banned

    I love camping. I enjoy being close to nature.
  12. mushie18

    mushie18 Intergalactic

    i like camping.

    i haven't gone in a while though.
  13. TreeFiddy

    TreeFiddy Member

    I'm leaving to go camping/hiking/etc in California for three weeks this tuesday...gonna be fun i think. :)
  14. txbarefooter

    txbarefooter Senior Member

    I like camping out. being away from TV, Radio and phones just me and nature. getting away from it all is what camping is about. Insects aren't a problem if you have a good tent, and a good mat to place the sleeping bag help. Heat .. hell yeah, I love it. sweating and gettng nasty for 3 or 4 days and then taking a good shower.. makes you appreciate the creature comforts we take for granted.

    oh yeah, doing the dirty out under the stars is also wicked. ;)

    one of the "roughest" and remotest was Chaco Canyon, they had NOTHING, you even had to bring in your own water. Being among ancient Native American ruins with only die-hard campers was very special and very much worth the trip.. no RV's here because you have to travel 20 miles of rough dirt road to get to Chaco Canyon.
  15. JI G

    JI G Member

    hate it.. my family is more of a.. "go out for the day and then go back to the Ritz Carlton and sleep in a nice comftorable bed" kinda family... love the outdoors and stuff but camping is NOT for me or my family!
  16. mushie18

    mushie18 Intergalactic

  17. Night_Owl49

    Night_Owl49 Since 2006

    For lack of a better word, that's just gay.
  18. Piney

    Piney Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Camping in Summer is no good, unless its for some specific destination.

    Camping is best in October, big fire, no bugs, its cooler so collecting firewood is not sweaty. Even camping in 30 degree weather is better than summer camping for the pure camping experience.

    Wilderness camping can be a lot of work

    Of course camping at Woodstock is hot but its so much more than camping
  19. JI G

    JI G Member

    wats gay about it.. we dont like camping so we stay at a hotel..???
  20. mushie18

    mushie18 Intergalactic

    just the way it was said.

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