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Discussion in 'Home Schooling' started by MoonGodess, Apr 6, 2020.

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    Are there any still here? This forum seams to be a bit underused so I figured I would introduce myself and hopefully all the other homeschoolers could do the same.

    Hi, I am a mother of two. My son is grown now, he had been homeschooled since I pulled him out of school in first grade, all the way through high school. The last two years of high school he was enrolled in a vocational program but was still doing his regular school work at home. I am proud to say that he is gainfully employed in his chosen field and is going to night school (or was before the shutdown) to get his professional license.
    My daughter is in 9th grade, she has been homeschooled her whole life. She has always wondered what it's like to go to school but not enough to actually enroll. She wants to be an artist, focused on manga & anime art styles and photography. She also plans on getting vocational training, she wants to enroll in the design and visual arts program. I am her toughest critic but also her biggest fan. She has an amazing, primarily self taught, drawing ability but she still has room to improve. Her photography is amazing, she sees things in such a different way and she can capture it in her pictures. I am astonished that someone so young has such talent and direction, and even more so that she is my daughter. Now if I could just convince her to do her algebra without saying, "When am I ever going to need this?"

    I look forward to meeting all of you :)
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  2. Varmint

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    Funny your daughter says that about algebra. My son said the same thing about CAD class in jr high. Ten years after his HS graduation he was asked to look at the PC and CAD machine by his boss. He sat there looking things over for about two hours before realizing that "Holy $h!t, this thing uses CAD commands!" and the problem that another guy spent five months on was resolved. He's been doing most of the work with this machine ever since. The other guy keeps saying "It can't be done! It's impossible! That won't work!" and my son just keeps solving problems for them anyway.

    Your daughter might be shocked to learn where and when today's "useless skillset" can become tomorrow's salvation. And you should let her see this.
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    My daughter and stepkids are still in public school but I'm seriously disenchanted by it and thinking about yanking them out of that in the coming year. Two of the kids are into the idea but the oldest girl has more of a social life so she's the only hold-out at the moment. We'll find an appropriate compromise though, it isn't a massive hurdle.
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    I'm an internet student now and I don't know that it's ever going to change. It's safer. From Covid19 to school shootings I don't feel worried if I do classes online.
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    There are so many ways to homeschool, you don't have to do online schooling if they don't like it. My daughter started complaining about some of the material we were using and I suggested online courses but the lecture videos were so boring she couldn't stand it. The greatest thing about homeschooling is the flexibility. You can use different types of information sources and find what works best for your kids.
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    So much of what I see online lacks any form of first principal understanding and can be like trying to build a house without bothering about those boring foundations.

    I have never used CAD in my entire 50 years of design, it is simply like cobbling together bits of other peoples work. You only need to look at modern cars if you have the slightest doubt. In effect, the same software designed them all and the manufacturers just added a radiator grille and a badge.

    Without the interaction of learning in a professional environment, we are in danger of turning our children into parrots
    Sorry....... https: //www. parrot .com. :):):)
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    It is wonderful to see that you daughter has artistic talent. Just bear in mind that

    every bohemian occupation is intensely competitive.

    Actor Jack Thompson recommends aspiring actors should have a trade to fall back on. Good advice for anyone pursuing a bohemian career. She should think twice about being a chef. There is a huge amount to learn and even after many years experience the pro rata pay is not that good.

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