Called mescaline but isn't? Help

Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by Kundalini 314, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Hey does anyone know what the compound is called that is sold on thevstreet as named mescaline but is not? I saw it in 15 mg doses for ten bucks and im guessing it is a research chemical. I didan experment with it and it was ver very enjoyable ecstatically and had very few side effects. Does anyone here give me any more infonon the mysteriously healthy substance. It really brings the world alive. I called it "eden dust" or "angel steroid" cuz it made one feel rediculously holy in general lol
  2. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    It could be a number of chems, and you should have knowledge of the drugs you are intending to ingest (I.e. mescaline's dose range is a few hundred mgs) but given the dose and description of effects, I'd guess 2cb.
  3. Yes it made me roll so to speak. No raced heartbeat. Cigarettes were so phenomenol i had two in each hand. I feltba deep connection with surroundings. I need to find it again cuz it was phenomenol fuel for my kundalini energy. Is 2cb legal in the unitd states still? When i would look at women it would damn near make my eyes jiggle. The only side effect i noticed was that you werent going to sleep for at least four hours after insufflating 5-15mg. It felt really healthy in small amounts used responsibly. Is it legal? I swear i woud have orgasm after orgasm without breaks. It was a drastic desire enhancer, whichnis just what i need. I called it "the anectdote", any info u can give?
  4. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Its illegal in the US. It's been noted for its erotic qualities, tends to act more of an empathogen at <30 mgs and is more Hallucinogenic > 30 mgs. Many people do find it relatively easy on the body but side effects such as muscle tension and headaches can increase with higher doses and more frequency of use.
  5. No looks like 2cb became illegal in 1995 in us
  6. It might be 2C-I. It's reported to be energetic at lower doses at 10mg or less. 5mg or below is usually the energy dose. 10mg 2C-I seem like that fringe dose where it's between energy and hallucination. I read about 2C-x family years ago and even read reports of 2C-I being energetic at low doses whil 2C-D helps you figure things out and remember better at low doses. 2C-C is supposedly trippy and yet very relaxing at 20mg to 40mg. Why must the powers that be ban these? 2C-x could jold vast potential in exploring the mind with it's hallucinogenic potential and have other effects at sub-hallucinogenic doses. People often fear what they don't know, while those who study know that some hallucinogens have a variety of uses depending on dosage and other factors. I really think you have some 2C-I there.
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    PCP is called mescaline or 'mesc' on the street, especially in areas run by biker gangs.

    It's actually a very common confusion, especially here in Quebec, where nobody knows what mescaline is. They just think you want PCP, so I gave up asking people for it and just order/do cacti. It may not be PCP if it looks feels like a phenethylamine, but I'm just saying that's what it would be called on thevstreet.

    You could also get pretty low dose white powder PCP, which people also call angel dust.

    On second thought, with active doses of 5-15mg, it's definitely PCP
    How would it be a 2c guerilla, that stuff's active at like 30.
  8. guerillabedlam

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    Those chosen nicknames in the OP do make it sound more like PCP, although I haven't heard many report PCP as free of side effects.

    2cb as well as most of the other 2cx's are quite active at 15 mgs and from what I've read kind of a standard street dose for 2cb. Copied from Erowid...

    2C-B Dosages
    2 - 5 mg
    5 - 15 mg
    15 - 25 mg
    25 - 50 mg
  9. Hedgeclipper

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    Ok but 15 mg pf 2c-b is super light-- just mild distortions. It's definitely PCP. It's what's called mescaline but isn't. A light dose of 10-15mg of good quality angel dust (usually angel dust is what they call the higher quality white powder pcp, which is what he has, and mesc is the name for the mushy gooey stuff) could feel relatively safe, and chill and might mike you feel pretty frisky.
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    I wouldn't call 15mg of 2c-b "super light". When I go camping my favorite dose is 20mg of 2c-b and it's quite strong. The body high is absolutely flooring at times, especially when combined with cannabis.
  11. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    OP said he was snorting it too.

    i should save my last 2cb for camping someday, writer..
    i'd probably go with 30-35 mg though

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