California tentatively to release 1/3 of its prison population.

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by hippiehillbilly, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole


    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    Even MORE good news! :D
  3. TheGanjaKing

    TheGanjaKing Member

    I knew this was the week
  4. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    actually it says over the next two to three years,but i see it playing out much quicker and being blamed on the budget crisis..
    id say by summer they will be releasing them in droves..
  5. nesta

    nesta Banned

    "They said that triple-bunking of inmates in prison gymnasiums has increased the risk of infectious disease and that a shortage of doctors, nurses and correctional officers has denied inmates access to treatment and a decent system to keep their medical records in order."

    if they are triple bunking inmates, then i support release of 1/3 the population. it will help to stop the spread of disease. cellmate rape should be a sacred, monogamous bond between a prisoner and his bitch. permissiveness is to blame for the spread of disease.
  6. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    you have a beautiful mind.

    most of them will just be drug offenders and drunk drivers, anyway, right?
  7. zihger

    zihger Senior Member

    California had a crazy prisons growth over the last decade or so, with the 3 strikes and some of the other laws they passed they just filled the prisons.

    The way the legal system work they will probably be releasing the most violent offenders.
    On the streets with no jobs..Scary
  8. HawaiianEye

    HawaiianEye Member

    It depends what type of prisoners are gonna be released.If it's people for example that were put into prison for something like possession of marijuana-those people should not be in jail anyhow.---If it's for more serious criminals ,well Calfornia is going to have big problems.
  9. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    in a state with some of the most lenient drug laws in the country you dont actually believe that do you??

    as far as drunk drivers,thats generally served in county lock ups not in the state prison system..

    no this wont mostly be non violent drug offenders..

    IMO,its statistically improbable, if not impossible.
  10. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    they're not THAT lenient, seriously.
  11. nesta

    nesta Banned

    they mentioned relaxing the rules which send parole violators back to prison, limiting intake of new prisoners (i hope this primarily focuses on nonviolent drug offenses), more generous rules regarding early release and time off for good behavior, and flat out releasing only certain inmates over the course of a few years. of course, this is only tentative and hasn't been declared the official solution to the problem. the state essentially was told it lost the case, and unless they decide to settle with the other party, they will almost certainly be required to reduce their prison population by 1/3.

    considering the self-perpetuating nature of the prison industry, and the fact that a large portion of the incarcerated population are nonviolent drug offenders and such, i don't think this is such a bad outcome, depending on how it is handled in actuality.
  12. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

  13. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    i'm sure the most prevalent releasees will be white collar criminal types, which are predominanty white, which with play further into the concept of racism in the justice system. that'll be fun.
  14. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    i doubt white collar criminals are the ones triple bunked in gymnasiums,but keep dreaming...
  15. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    move out the white collar criminals and you got more room.

    move out the non-violent offenders and you got more room.
  16. RandomOne

    RandomOne Member

    oh fantastic. i guess i'll be expediting my plans to buy a gun then.
  17. hippychickmommy

    hippychickmommy Sugar and Spice

    Everything's coming up roses!
  18. bluesafire

    bluesafire Senior Member

    I see a support group in the making... :rolleyes:
  19. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    Whatever. American standards of violence don't intimidate me in the least. I think probably many more should be released (and stop covering the jobless rate through unjust, profit-oriented incarceration).
  20. Bella Désordre

    Bella Désordre Charmed

    They're lienient when they choose to be. There are a lot of drug offenders (possesion-not sales) locked up in CA.
    They also have a shit load of sex offenders (more than any other stae I think-not sure). If they realize sex offenders I will go ape shit.
    They are so lax with sex crimes there it's fucking sick.
    2 years for rape, but life for three strikes with intent to sell-BULL SHIT.

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