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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Britt, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. Britt

    Britt Member

    Hello!!! is anyone from the san diego/ or riverside county area??? i just moved to this state from ohio. i really dont know anyone here and im just lookin for some kynd folks from the area!!! :) i really want to go to some concerts and stuff but i dont know anyone to go with and i really dont know how to get anywhere!! wow i really sound like a winner!!!:& Soooo if anyone is in the area and knows of some cool stuff goin on.... pm me PLEASE!!!!
  2. MBintheOC

    MBintheOC We're all mad here..

    I don't live there, but I live near enough I guess:) I love going 2 concerts 2 & have not many 2 go w/either, so ur not alone.
  3. Wow, of all the places in California you could have picked, you picked Riverside, the absolute bumblefuck of the state? I'm from Pasadena (LA), but I go to school in Riverside, and it's cool to know somebody from the forum is around. Don't frequent San Diego too much (last time I went through it to get to Tijuana), but I can usually be found in the 951 ;)
  4. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    I am in a similar position. Just moved to a rural area in Germany from San Francisco area. What are you doing in Riverside?
  5. bedlam

    bedlam Senior Member

    hullo, hope you have fun here, welcome to hip forums...
  6. SimpleMan

    SimpleMan Member

    Yea...thats crazy I moved to CA from Ohio...what part of ohio you from?
    Welcome....hope you enjoy yourself here.
  7. urbangal

    urbangal Member

    Welcome, welcome to the infamous Inland empire! Traffic sucks, but its got its good points. Concerts? Hmmm...I've been outta the loop for a while so locally I don't know what's up. I recommend checking out "The Guide" which comes out every friday in the Press Enterprise.
    SD is a better place to hit for many more shows and all. Maybe Simpleman can help with that. Otherwise, you can wait for the dozen events and all to hit Riverside and check it out. Tons of Victorian and turn of the century homes to oogle, plus the Orange Blossom fez is something to check out. Unlike what others have said Riverside co isn't a bumblefuck place. People often WHINE about Riverside because there isn't action going here every minute. To me, that makes a place boring which is why I'll never move to Vegas, only visit it.

  8. So Britt, what brings you here? Do you go to school in Riverside or SD?
    Cheers :)

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