Butylone vs. Methylone

Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by jo_k_er_man, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. anyone done both of these? what makes them differ from each other.. did one increase heart rate more than the other.. how long did they each last.. i know methylone lasts like 4hrs tops... any comparisons would be great help
  2. bmw5233

    bmw5233 Member

    I want to try them both at the same time.
  3. ydl

    ydl Member

    Well, I have always been looking for the empathogenic effects in them and -in this regard- methylone is the clear winner, it even came close to mdma. Butylone is more stimulating and a bit more euphoric but it's weaker on the empathogenic side.

    The urge to redose (esp. after the peak) is present with both but it won't add much to the experience so be careful. What others recommend is to do a larger dose first (~200mg) and then approximately half of that 1 hour later. This worked for me pretty well.

    Methylone in combination with psychedelics and gbl is also great. Haven't tried butylone in combos but I guess it would work well too.
  4. how so with psychedelics? i hear that basically methylone will void out any bad thoughts.. does this hold true when its mixed with a psychedelic.. thats my main concern when doin psychedelics these days... my mind always seems to delve into something dark.. and it really fucks my trips
  5. jaredfelix

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    thats what MDMA does for me when i trip. :D
  6. rb10101

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    I have heard that 200mg M1 with unknown quantity of Bk-MBDB (well known pill form) at t+1:30 resulted in undesired/unusual cranial pressure, higher than average expected HR/BP and anxiety. Same report received from several experiments. Definitely not hearing of any positive synergy.
  7. ^^ i don't plan on mixing.. i just want a comparison
  8. ydl

    ydl Member

    It pretty much works like that but once the effects of the methylone are gone, you may experience a crash/rush of negative thoughts. This is only a problem with longer lasting things and never turned an otherwise good trip into a bad one for me, but still, it's a concern.
  9. its pretty safe to say that i will be able to measure methylone with a .01 scale, right? seeing as i'm taking at least probably 200mg.. so .2

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