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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by Amanda790, May 31, 2004.

  1. Amanda790

    Amanda790 Member

    I was over my friend Chelseas house last night and my other friend Alisha was there too. They found out I was a vegetarian and Alisha goes "But if you don't eat meat you'll shrivel up and die!!" and "How can you not eat meat it tastes soooooooo yummy!" I wanted to slap her! Lol

    And tonite at the dinner table my family (all omnis :mad: ) were like "ooh I like the juicy chicken.... oh I like the dry kind... I like it wen you have charcole on it!" my family loves animals and I was like HELLO THERE FRIGGIN ANIMALS TOO!! ...wow

    Oh yeah lol one more thing hehe my grandmother was like "you don't even eat chickN? CHICKENS NOT EVEN AN ANIMAL! why wouldnt you eat chicken! Then wed have a bunch of chickens runnin around.. nobody wants that!"

    wow.. lol srry i had to get that off my chest lol ;)
  2. eccofarmer

    eccofarmer Member


    Been there.When i go to see my mom she will tell me somthing like your family says but will keep repeating that what ever she cooked has no meat.Then when she serves it she will add well there is just alittle pork just to make it tast good.Never fails with her.I know better know and when i see her we eat out more so i know what i eat.she grew up on a farm like me.hard to try and talk to people like that.I have herd all the things about why i should eat meat from it helps other farmers to if we did not we would all die if we just lived of vegies.Well i am still here after many years of be a vegetarian.
  3. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    People can be extremely ridiculous sometimes...
  4. retrofishie

    retrofishie Senior Member

    people that think you can't live without meat are ignorant (inthe way that they don't know what they are talking about)

    did you know that if everyone became vegatarians the whole world could eat. it's all because of how much grain one cow eats compared to how many people one cow can feed.
  5. "did you know that if everyone became vegatarians the whole world could eat. it's all because of how much grain one cow eats compared to how many people one cow can feed."

    I never thought about that before, that's a good point.

    And strange how so many people say you'll shrivel up and die a vegitarian, because the reason I'm trying to become one is for health reasons. You can get the same nutrients you need in meat in other products without all the cholestoral.
  6. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    LMAO people are so dumb. You just have to roll with it and prove them wrong.


  7. acetonephish

    acetonephish lickage

    hahah, thats kind of funny.

    like my friend ariel (ive posted this already), one time she said

    "if youre a vegetarian you'll die. because if you dont eat meat you'll become too healthy, then when you're too healthy you'll get too skinny and die." or something like that.

    hahah, its like what she was saying did not make sense at all :p

    but anyway, just to prove her wrong, i've gained weight since i became a vegetarian. i gained like what.. lets see... 5 pounds, although i ended up losing most of that too. but im still heavier than i was when i ate meat. could be good, could be bad.

  8. Dalee

    Dalee Member

    Word of caution though.....

    If you've been a heavy meat-eater your whole life, and suddenly you try to stop eating meat cold turkey...your body will naturally start to cleanse itself, and you will have intense cleansing reactions sometimes.

    Drink plenty of water, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  9. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    wadda you mean cleanse itself
  10. my friend once tried to convince me that chicken and fish weren't meat...that they are poultry...which they are..but theyre still meat. she loves to make fun of me every time i eat in front of her
  11. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    And she's still your friend?

    Sheesh you are far more tolerant person than me. I'm a pacifist as a rule but make [slight] exceptions for people like that.

  12. Megara

    Megara Banned

    There is plenty of food in the world to feed everyone.


    I know i read somewhere that the US produces enough food to feed the whole world alone.
  13. Pablo

    Pablo Member

    I dont get that whole fish and bird vegitarian thing, not eating beef is better than eating beef, but it doent make you any form of vegitarian, just a non beef eater.

    i have lots of friends who told me, you will become skinny and sickly without meat, but ive gained lots of muscle and lost a lot of fat since i went veg. Before i never had that crease down the middle of my stomach before. and that kind of thing.
  14. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    I thought fish grew on trees.
  15. Shakra

    Shakra Member

    LOL the original post reminded me of an episode of 'Coupling' (British sitcom in the style of 'Friends')

    I am a vege but even I had to laugh at that episode. I would try to describe the scene to you all but I would only just kill it, so best not [​IMG] lets just say it revolved around a dinner table, and included a leg of lamb, one of the more manipulative yet funny characters of the show and her former psychiatrist.

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