Busted selling in a forum.

Discussion in 'Busted!' started by buffoonman, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    It was on the news today sombody has been busted selling marijuana in a growing forum. Just wondered if anybody had more info on this.
  2. Wow does that suck or what
  3. sniffmagikmarkrs

    sniffmagikmarkrs Senior Member

    fuck, i hope they don't start shutting down grow forums because of that dipshit
  4. wonderboy

    wonderboy the secret of your power!

    no kidding
  5. peacelovebarefeet

    peacelovebarefeet BuRniN oNe...

    Who would be dumb enough to sell over a forum anyways? Thats just ASKING to be arrested.....
  6. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    I have had many pm's asking for weed.
  7. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    man ive had pm's askin fer everthing illegal ya could imagine..

    look at our web page narks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    yeah that is askin to be arrested really, specially if they lived in america.
  9. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    Someone linked me to a site a few months ago--I don't recall the name--and people were openly buying and selling weed there.

    Which is insane imo.

    Several years ago I read a story about a guy and a girl who were in a chat room.
    They discovered that they had things in common. They both lived in the same town, and they both liked weed.
    They went into a "private room" and the guy mentioned that since he moved there a few months earlier, he was having a hard time finding weed.
    The girl told him if he wanted he to, she could pick up 2 bags next time she visited her dealer--1 for each of them.
    He said great, she did and they arranged a place to meet in person and also exchange the weed/money.
    You guessed it--he was a cop and she was charged with drug trafficking.
  10. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    Wow thats really sad. What sort of person would go to all that trouble to bust somebody for a little bag of weed. Is that not entrapment of some sort.
  11. WishIWasAHippie

    WishIWasAHippie Senior Member

    Yeah, it is entrapment, but that law doesn't apply to marijuana in the US [​IMG]
  12. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    I didn't know that does it apply to other things?
  13. Radiohead

    Radiohead Member



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    Default yo
    hey dude im gonna be up in that area in the next few days and im gonna wanna pick up a half pound so i was wonderin if you could help me out cause i know not who to get from up there but yeah if at all poss let me know like if you know someone for that and how much

    you could like im me at happygrasser if you want

    .. A half pound, and one post. Too funny.
  14. yeaimaplayboy

    yeaimaplayboy Member

    what a dumbasss this place is like dea headquarters lol just waiting to see what dick will fall thank god for that amendentn freedom of speeeeeeeech

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    Yea i got asked for L, coke, weed, shrooms, and probably more stuff from people with 0 posts
  16. drpayne04

    drpayne04 Member

    ^^^that just sucks
  17. SpcdCwby

    SpcdCwby Member

    There was a guy over on ICMAG openly soliciting new customers. Said to paypal him the money and he'd fed ex the smoke. Said that he had a website for normal customers after their first order.

    That's too funny. That's just asking for it.

    I'm waiting for someone to get busted for posting pics of their garden. Anyone ever hear of this happening yet?
  18. dangermoose

    dangermoose Is a daddy

    i assume the person selling the pot was a user not the owner of the forum, that shit happens all the time because cops are assholes pretending to be people in need and nice stoner people are gullible enough to occasionally fall for it.

    you guys know about overgrow.com and heavens stairway right? busted by the rcmp, fucking conservatives fucking with our rcmp and m,aking them do shit that fucking pisses me off to no end. overgrow was the shit.
    fuck you LEOs
  19. The police are so bored these days they pulled me over once for being merry and carrying a road cone home :)

    Theres no point selling abit of pot over the phone, internet etc.
    Coz its all going through the satellite, the bastards.

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