Bush regime will prevail in '04

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tom, May 16, 2004.

  1. tom

    tom Member

    And it is an unfortunate situation. 3 possible scenario's being tossed around.

    1. He'll invoke the war powers act prior to the election day if it looks like he's losing, allowing him to remain in office

    2. Usama bin Laden will be caught just prior to the elections and the Amerikan public will drool.

    3. Bush will expose himself as the dictator that he is and forcefully remain in power.

    Thoughts on the subjects? Anyone think that Kerry actually stands a chance?
    I personally think the first one stands the best chance of happening.
  2. booshnoogs

    booshnoogs loves you

    I think there is another scenario here. Bush will probably beat Kerry outright. In the end, nobody seems to know what Kerry stands for, and the "at least he's not Bush" vote probably isn't going to be enough to put him in office.

    The funny thing to me about the appearant panic in the first post is that the same panic went on for the conservatives in 2000. Many conservatives were convinced that if Gore had won the election then all guns would be outlawed, and then with no way for the US to defend itself from it's government, there would never be another election. The Democrats would rule forever.
  3. Balbus

    Balbus Members

    Boo, I heard that one as well, oh what paranoid lives you Americans lead.

  4. homebudz

    homebudz Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Can ya blame us?It seems the bush regime is into everything that freedom stood for.Patriot act I,II.Record breaking gas prices-health care almost impossible to get,and cops with god awfull powers.Yup,I'm definately paranoid.
  5. booshnoogs

    booshnoogs loves you

    Freedom stands for low gas prices and socialized medicine to you?
  6. al_from_mn

    al_from_mn Member

    Why is everyone here so shook up over high gas prices? High gas prices are actually a good thing, because they force the public to wake up and reevaluate our transportation model. Look at Europe, their gas prices are through the roof, yet they don't panic because their public transportation is so good. Americans can't seem to get it through their heads that oil is not an infinite resource, and that we need a massive upgrade of our public transportation system. My suggestion: cut military spending by 15-30% and use that extra money to pay for transportation and health care. Speaking of health care, I agree with homebudz in that universal health care is freedom. No one should be without health care just because they can't afford it. We need a single payer system and price controls on drugs. Also, socialized health care = jobs. For example, Ford just moved an entire plant to South Korea because it would save them $500 million a year, since South Korea has national health care and Ford won't have to pay the workers health benefits.

    Peace and Love, Al
  7. booshnoogs

    booshnoogs loves you

    I think you have freedom and security confused with each other. Or maybe we just define it differently.

    So, hypothetically, if Bush does win the election with no appearant signs of tampering, is everybody going to scream that the election was fixed anyway?
  8. If I can prove Al Gore and the Congressional Black Caucus supported a bigot federal supervisor that told a very black man from Georgia "he needed a ****** to put his feet on" and offered no help as his, the black man's witnesses, were were picked off by the federal agency as their rights of freedom of speach and movement were taken away would you retract your false claim of loss of rights? And, would you offer to get on your knees in front of me to apologize for Al Gore and his false claims of supporting of black agenda's and racial rights? I had my freedom of movement, speach removed and was required to cary toilet paper and drinking water as a condition of employment on a federal facility. I wrote two letters to Al and he answered two years later a couple days before the trial that I should obtain a very good lawyer. The government won the case! The supervisor who admitted saying "I've been needing a ****** to put my feet on" at the trial was shot dead two months later in a bar at closeing time. Get your knee pads ready, because I can prove it!

    This is an open offer to the public. Respond to get your name on the list to apologize.

  9. MushroomDreams

    MushroomDreams Senior Member

    Another possible scenario is that he just steels the election again. Hell, no one even protested the last time. :eek:
  10. LuciferSam

    LuciferSam Member

    I was never a big Al Gore fan (though I preferred him to Bush), and I despise Joe Liebermann. Got nothing to apologize for.
  11. Hahaha! That's one of the stupidest things I've heard today.

    sorry, but it is really far fetched:)
  12. NightOwl1331

    NightOwl1331 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I feel very worried about the upcoming election. It seems that either way there will be much unrest in the US. People seem to be divided right down the middle about this and it seems to me that something's going to have to give. No matter who wins there are going to be a lot of pissed off people.
  13. So, the Patriot Act hasn’t affected your freedoms?

    Honestly I don’t know how a person with a conscience could vote for either party. This Senator Janklo (or something like that) who killed one of the few citizens in his almost uninhabited state got out of jail today after 100 days. What kind of crap is that? So if I come up to your state and kill you with my car, I pay a fine and a lawyer and lay up for three months and days and it’s all better. That sucks!

    Power corrupts!

    The case I spoke about earlier of the black guy was true and has a Federal EEOC case number. You dismiss it lightly, yet a manager asked me, do you want to play hardball? She knew she couldn’t lose, the Congressman was on the power take, no lawyer is powerful enough to take on the Federal government in PR, and the next level of hope is the VP. The Base Commander falsely charged me with a serious crime, barred me form the base, and refused to give me a hearing to prove my innocence. To go to work the conditions were loss of freedom of speech, access to any facility except toilet, which I had to carry my own TP. Since the congressman and the VP wouldn’t help, had the base commander said you have to craw back and forth to work that would be the rule. I was the only witness, the only one with balls or stupid enough to put up with the shit out of seventeen witnesses. The black guys parents new cars were fire bombed! And you guys talk about the Patriot Act. The bitch manager who set me up set another employee up who committed suicide. I wrote a four star army general who got the charges dropped on me along with an apology from the base commander.

    By the time the case finished the base commander was fired and his executive officer’s career was ended. The manager was promoted and transferred to the states where she did the same bogus shit again and cost DOT several millions of dollars in court cost and was fired.

  14. Dilapidated

    Dilapidated Member

    Just a thought:
    What if they've already caught Osama and are holding him in a top-secret place? What if they release him just before the election and the media worships Bushy for this reason - to "steal" the election? What if Bushy is made into a "hero" for "capturing" Osama?

  15. that's the best kind of justice in my opinion.....a bullet in the head.

    CYL, sounds like you were really put through the ringer....... how is your life after all this shit????
  16. It’s funny how just standing up for yourself starts a snowball. I took a job at the Coast Guard and one day I took my kids to the base park to play on the way home. I’m a retired Army First Sergeant and am authorized to use such facilities. The Base Commander saw me and sent his Security Police to come and block my car in and detain me.

    I complained in writing and was called to the Executives Officers office that told me the Security Officer was just doing his job, keeping the rif-raff out. He called my family and I rif-raff! An old soldier told me a long time ago to not to get mad get even.

    Now, I go to the coast guard to buy my rum and beer and smile to the new management and the couple survivors of the old regime point me out to the new guys, saying you owe your job to that guy. The nepotism, which caused the entire mess, was cleaned up. Heads rolled! I sleep well now.

  17. homebudz

    homebudz Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    In part yes.There are many freedoms we don't enjoy anymore.And the way things are going,we will be having less.There are many aspects of living here in this country.Depending on age,as to what effects you more.Those living on low fixed incomes can't afford many things it takes just to get along.Those who are elderly can't afford meds to live.The big business/govt has/is suppressing a large portion of our people.Makes it easier to subjegate(sp) them.It all boils down to control.
  18. Dudes no one has lost any freedoms. And nothing on your birth certificate said you will get cheap or free drugs and gas.

    My family earns about $25,000 a year. I send both of my sons to private school.

    You can't blame the government for the cost of gas and medicine. We live in a free market. If anyone should be pissed about drug prices it should be me. The drugs are made here in PR so they can be stamped "Made in America" but we can't buy them until they are shipped to the states and anything from the states has a 6% tax added on to it's price.

    With China expanding economically the price of gas will be higher every year as the millions of new drivers take to prosperty in cars instead of bicycles. Better get used to it and buy an economical car.

  19. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Lets not forget both the Rave acts that make it illegal for performers to have show if their is a chance that people there will be on drugs... Yes! True freedom! Being watched by big brother, told how to live, what to eat, what to listen to and being a good American. They should be calling it free-dom for freedom-domination where they take away the freedoms until someone fights back
  20. razm

    razm Member

    Not even reading anything above the subject of the thread, to call the Presidency of George Bush a regime is retarded.

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