Bush Ready to Flee to Paraguay!

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by skip, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    I've just been reading some stories about the Bushies and the country of Paraguay. It seems a couple of years ago Paraguay signed a law giving Americans immunity against prosecution by the International Court (you know the one that punishes war crimes).

    Turns out that right after that, the Bush family bought up 100,000 of land in Paraguay. That was followed by Jena Bush showing up in Paraguay, probably to conclude the deal. Then there's this recent article (end of Feb. 2008) about Neil Bush taking a trip to Paraguay for no apparent good reason.


    It's almost like the least visible family proxies are going down there to obscure the real reason for visiting. Looks like the WHOLE family is getting ready to flee down there, should the need arise.

    And then there is the little matter of a secret US military base, apparently next to the Bush's land purchase.


    Go ahead, put two and two together and what do you get?
  2. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Here's more!

    Bushes, Rumsfeld, the Military Base, & Rev. Sun Yung Moon

    The History of the Military Base & U.S. agreements with Paraguay

    This military base bares similarities to a secret US base in Colombia near the Ecuador border. This base is near the Bolivian border. Both Ecuador and Bolivia have socialist gov'ts hostile to the US now.

    The Colombia base was probably used for US support during the recent incursion into Ecuador by Colombian forces that resulted in FARC's leadership being slaughtered. That rebel group has been badly hurt by US activities in the region and the US was likely behind that recent action.

    So the US is preparing also to field a huge force in the region at short notice. I guess all that oil and gas is looking pretty good to the US right now, and if there's only a democratically elected socialist gov't in the way, I'm sure the US is willing to use military force to secure the fields should it decide to do it.

    And getting back to the Bushies...

    Paraguay never extradited Josef Megele, the Nazi torture doctor. So I guess the Bushies will be safe there, esp. with the US military protecting them indefinitely - or until there no longer is a US military... (one can only dream, eh?)
  3. Aristartle

    Aristartle Snow Falling on Cedars Lifetime Supporter

    Vinterestink. Very vinterestink. Thanks Skip!
  4. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Not a surprise. The Cheneys also have a home in Dubai. As it is, most of the big boys are moving out of the country because they know what lies down the road. It makes sense that someone like Bush would have a place to go into exhile once the shit hits the fan. We already know FOR A FACT about the massive underground continuity of government facilities (literally underground cities) run by FEMA, such as Mount Weather, which are to be used to house high government officials once all hell breaks loose. I am sure that the REAL powers that be will be getting out of the country altogether, though, and they already are.

    These people always plan ahead.
  5. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    hey i'm all for bushes leaviung the country and never comming back

    justice would be preffered, but a world without bushes terror would sure be safer and better then the mess we got now

    let em run...at least there they wont be screwin us up here so much
  6. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Don't worry, I am sure the people they leave in charge will be even worse.
  7. Aristartle

    Aristartle Snow Falling on Cedars Lifetime Supporter

    For some reason Skip, the first yahoo-news link doesn't work for me when I click on it. Perhaps you can post the article for us to read here?

    Thank you!!
  8. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Yes, for some "strange" reason the article has been deleted, hehe....

    Here it is thanks to google's cache of yahoo's site... ;)

    This article was published just two weeks ago, so the Bushies must be setting the plan in motion... I bet right after he leaves office, Bushit will take a long vacation to South America...

    This one makes you wonder about the close connection between the Bushies and Rev. Moon...

    By PEDRO SERVIN, Associated Press Writer Fri Feb 29, 2:35 PM ET

    ASUNCION, Parguay - Neil Bush, younger brother of U.S. President George W. Bush, called on Paraguay's president as the guest of a business federation founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

    A presidential press office source, who spoke on condition of not being named, confirmed the younger Bush met President Nicanor Duarte on Thursday along with a delegation from the Universal Peace Federation, a group associated with Moon.

    Duarte himself had no statement on the meeting.

    Antonio Betancourt, a spokesman for the federation, said that Bush visited Duarte and later met with an opposition congressional leader, Sen. Miguel Abdon Saguier, and that both expressed interest in the Bush family and discussed local matters.

    Betancourt said Bush later attended a leadership seminar sponsored by the federation.

    The federation's Web site says it is trying to promote peace in the Middle East, South Asia and other regions, as well as proposing an 50-mile, $200 billion tunnel linking Siberia and Alaska.

    A leading Paraguayan newspaper, ABC Color, reported Friday that Bush spoke at the leadership seminar about instilling a "culture of service" and better uniting individuals and organizations behind objectives that serve peace and the common good.

    It said the seminar, held at an Asuncion hotel, was entitled "Toward a New Paradigm of Leadership and Government in Times of World Crisis."

    The newspaper said other participants included Jose Maria Sanguinetti, the former Uruguayan president.

    Groups allied with Moon publish a newspaper, operate businesses and have large land holdings in Paraguay, South America's second-poorest country.
  9. Piney

    Piney Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Paraguay is one of the very few nations that recognizes Taiwan over mainland China.

    Its former disctator: Strossner ruled there for 40 years+-
  10. earthmother

    earthmother senior weirdo

    This is a little off topic but not much...

    ....Mount Weather WV... It's on the list. As well as the one under the Greenbriar Hotel. They CLAIM they opened it all up to visitors years ago, but rumor has it that there is some still hidden and NOT spoken about. King George Busch just HAPPENED to be there the day the "mysterious Blue Haze" enveloped Charleston, no worries...

    And take note, the main FBI headquarters, with all the DNA files for the entire US, is in Clarksburg WV...

    The OFFICIAL DC refugee influx emergency plan is to close all major highways into the state...

    Now, back to the regularly scheduled program.
  11. Lady of the Freaks

    Lady of the Freaks Senior Member

    now that we know where they're going, all we need to do is build a few solar missiles to follow 'em. :tongue:

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