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    The fact is Bush is in power and will not release the Strategic Reserves, American oil companies (The largest Bush campaign contributers) are making record profits, and Bush is not doing anything about rising gas prices.


    The Bush family is just another royal oil family who is profiting from the high prices.


    Iraqis fail to regain control of oil revenue

    By Ahmed Janabi

    Monday 24 May 2004, 16:26 Makka Time, 13:26 GMT

    The latest Iraqi attempts to recover control of the country's oil revenues from the United States appear to have hit a dead end with a special delegation being rebuffed in its bid secure UN help.

    The delegation has been in New York in a bid to petition the UN to exert pressure on US occupation authorities, who currently preside over Iraq's oil output.

    It includes Hamid al-Bayati, a deputy in the Iraqi interim foreign ministry and a spokesperson for the Supreme Council of Islamic Revolution in Iraq.

    In New York since last week its members have so far failed to get an audience with UN officials.

    The control of Iraq's oil revenue has been controversial ever since the US-led occupation of Iraq in 2003.

    The US has imposed secrecy on oil deals, exportation, and use of revenues. Iraqi officials have previously asked for access to oil revenues, but have been turned down by the occupation Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) headed by Paul Bremer.

    Day light robbery

    Muzhir al-Dulaymi, spokesman for the League for the Defence of Iraqi Peoples' Rights, told Aljazeera the US was systematically milking Iraq of its oil.

    "A daylight robbery is going in Iraq. I have first hand information from sources in al-Bakr port in southern Iraq, and in the Turkish port of Jihan, confirming that three million oil barrels are being taken out of Iraq on a daily basis" al-Dulaymi said.

    "Oil sale contracts only go to the Iraqi oil ministry for signing. They cannot say a word about them; not to mention the fact that there are many sealed contracts which the Iraqi ministry of oil is not notified of."

    Al-Dulaymi says the Bush administration is benefiting from the process.

    "When oil prices surpassed $30 last year, Bush sent his Energy Secretary to the Middle East, who held talks with Saudi Arabia and other oil producers to reduce prices.

    "But here we are now; oil prices have reached $40 and not a word from the Bush administration. Why? Because they are benefitting. Definitely, they will not sacrifice such revenue and give it to Iraqis."



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    i aggree
    im 14 and will be driving in 1 year!
    and i half to pay 4.50 for gas for my hippy van
    i think we should all just walk around the streets like the day of immagration a few days ago!

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