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Discussion in 'Music' started by puddin, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. puddin

    puddin Banned

    Who's the biggest wanker in music today?
  2. syd

    syd Banned

    Simple Plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. MBintheOC

    MBintheOC We're all mad here..

    Kid Rock
  4. Skelter

    Skelter Helter

    i second that
  5. Blue_sky

    Blue_sky Guest

    Justin from the Darkness...He started bitching because he didnt get to sing lead in Band Aid 2004, he was trying to get everyone to boycott the whole thing unless he sang Bonos line.
  6. carsick

    carsick Member

    Usher because hes full of him self
  7. yamamamo

    yamamamo Member

    So many to choose from but Usher gets my vote for that stupid song. Anyone who wants sympathy for getting his mistress pregnant is a wanker, plain and simple. If he didn't release that song it would probably be Mariah Carey, although we're spoilt for choice. There's probably loads of people I'm forgetting, I'll just have a look at the top 40 chart to jog my memory hehe.
  8. Manowar.
    Count Grishnack AKA Kristian "Varg" Vikernes from Burzum.
    Fred Durst (obviously).
  9. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    kid rock
  10. Grim

    Grim Wandering Wonderer

    Biggest wanker as in a whole band?
    I'd say that would be Good Charlotte by a hair over Simple Plan. This award goes to GC because they were so far up their own asses by their second album that they released two versions of it which were identical except for one song...

    Biggest Wanker as in an entire genre?
    Emo. This is the rotting cesspool where every whiny garage band noone like now frolics. Whereas five years ago a crappy, unintelligble, talentless group of annoying kids in a band was ignored...now they are "Emo" and they are hailed as amazing. Calling a band emo used to be an insult...and this genre has already effectively killed goth, punk, and much of the indie rock scene. It must be stopped.

    Now...biggest wanker as in single person.
    Well...it's easy to pick one of the million pop divas out there...or any of the endless stream of crappy hip-hop guys...but three have reallllly stood out here.
    First...Ashlee Simpson. The lip synching incident was funny, but her being boo'd out of the stadium during her halftime performance at a recent championship college football game is even funnier.
    Second...Avril Lavigne. The force who singlehandedly destroyed the Riot Girl movement, made modern punk and modern pop the same thing, and convinced every dumb teenage girl that wearing a sock on your arm makes you punk. Oh, and her music is godawful.
    and third, Eminem. The man so badass that once he ate "Ecstacy" on stage. Of course, a close up photograph later revealed it was children's tylenol, but who's counting? A man so talented that he has rode on the mediocre success of two or three songs for many years now. A man so tough that he has picked fights with two of the music world's most hard-assed men: Michael Jackson and Moby.
    His only redeeming quality is that he hates ICP. We can only hope they get into a fight and destroy one another.

    Honorable Mention : Bono.
    Sure, U2 is a good band and their new album is pretty solid...but this idiot needs to stop pretending he knows anything about/has an impact on politics. Every time Bono or any other celebrity opened their mouth in support of Kerry, the republican party gained about 5,000 votes nationwide.
  11. miami musician

    miami musician Senior Member

    wow man, i wish i could have thought of all of that, but you pretty much summed it up for me. but i would have included p. diddy in there... man, he's not even a rapper anymore, more of a businessman. and props to him, he's making money and all, doing what he wants to do... but come on, don't call yourself a musician man, his rapping sucks...
  12. Spacer

    Spacer 'Enlighten yourself'

    The executives of record companies who constantly setup all these shitty pop bands and pollute us with so much shit music.
  13. Spiral Sea

    Spiral Sea Member

    first one that came to mind was Liam Galagher ....but you all know far worse wankers :eek:
  14. Spacer

    Spacer 'Enlighten yourself'

    Haha, Liam Gallagher is a fucking wanker alright!! Thinks he's fucking great but he's just a fucking scumbag from Manchester.
  15. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    I'm going to say these major lable bands that try to sound "punk" but have that emo-type singing....I have a feeling simple plan is like that but I'm not sure...bands like this Hawthorne Heights or whatever...plus these bands seem to advertise their albums on tv, kind fo tacky

    ps..I think you are all wrong about eminem, I think he is talented and performs a service in the modern world by shaking it up a bit, he's actually effective in pissing people off....not easy to do
    plus the stuff he has done with dr. dre and crew is some of my favorite rap ever...forgot about dre etc.
  16. Oh, I forgot...

  17. Booty_Man

    Booty_Man Banned

    White Stripes.
  18. TheSkaEffect

    TheSkaEffect Member

    My vote goes to all the new actor/singer pop stars like Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohann, and Jessica Simpson.
  19. usher 'n good charlotte, collectively

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