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Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding and Seed Strains' started by xanaxguy06, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. xanaxguy06

    xanaxguy06 Member

    Hey yall...(Im from texas could you guess....lol)....Im gonna do some indoor farming..I need to know how the female plant gets greminated in order to produce buds??? if that question makes since....I cant smoke it anymore due to my job but I would like to grow some just for old times....God I miss THC....thought about doing this in my attic....will it get too hott up there???
  2. 420fuchs

    420fuchs speaks the truth.

    Well, hot is not a problem, you want sun-light, plenty of water, good ventilation.

    I'm pretty sure all you have to do is keep the plant happy and it will start budding after like 6 or 8 weeks depending on strain.

    Try giving the grow forum a thorough looking over, and google search "how to grow marijuana" you should be able to find a wealth of info.

    Good Luck and Welcome to the Forums brother
  3. Naturalhi

    Naturalhi Great hairy ape

    Well there are several probs with growing in the attic:

    Texas gets upperds (even an Orangutan can speak texan) of 120F in the summer,ergo if your the pitched portion of your roof isn't insulated the temps in the attic can reach 140F or more. Mj's upper limit is 125F by the same token mj's lower limit is 40F so without climate control in attic, growing there is iffy at best.

    "I need to know how the female plant gets greminated in order to produce buds???" germanating seeds is in a different section on any how to site, all that means is creating an environment to induce the seed to grow:>)
  4. BudBill

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    Heee hee -> listen to the Hairy One and follow him to the UK420 forums too.

    Starting seeds = germination
    Buds = female flowers (usually unpollinated unless you want seeds).
    Veg normal growth period 18 - 24 hours of light. Count on a month.
    Flowering 12 hours of darkness - count on 9-11 weeks
  5. PAX-MAN

    PAX-MAN Just A Old Hippy

    you have to put the plants in a 12hrs of light to 12hrs of dark pitch dark to get buds growing and cull the males as soon as they show, get a good book it helps alot
  6. T.H. Cammo

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    Serious indoor growers put a lot of effort into maintaining a proper gowing environment. Like the Hairy One said, cannabis can survive anywhere between the 40's to the 120's (farenheit), but at the extreem ends - that's just barely surviving. That is to say; that it will live - but it wont grow well, if at all. But it is a lot happier between the mid-60's and the mid-80's. If you can keep the "Daytime" (lights on) temperature down to about 80, or so, in the summer and up to about 70, or so in the winter, these are just about ideal temperatures. "Nightime" (lights off) temperatures want to be about 10 degrees, or so. cooler.

    A small "well insulated" grow room equipped with proper ventilation and cooling (either a small AC unit or a small swamp cooler) should work very well in your attic! Just make sure that you have easy access - you will be making a lot of trips up there and be carrying stuff back and forth. Also, make sure that the cold air isn't concentrated on any one part of the growing area.
  7. HalF_BaKed

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  8. lune

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  9. you definately need to read some books, watch some films, and talk to some growers before you start germinating. :eek:

    unless you just want a plant or two in the window with a fan on em, you'll need to do a lot of reading, thinking, and planning if yer wantin to do a big grow

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