Brutal Honesty

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Carnivore, May 14, 2004.

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    Throughout the fifteen years of my life, I have always been an incredibly honest, frank person, but in the last few years, perhaps as a result of adolescence, the assertiveness of my opinions can sometimes be blunt to the point of insanity. Whenever an opportunity springs up for me to give my opinion, I do not lie or hesitate in giving answers, unlike many other people. And I'm especially moved to give my perspective on matters when I feel that I am being challenged or provoked. If this happens, I sometimes become very fierce in my arguments, sometimes to the point of anger and general bitterness. What do you people think about honesty and giving opinions? Where do you draw your limit?

    Although my unbelievably blunt nature can be harmful, I would much rather be this way than be a lying idiot. As Lester Bangs' character says in the film Almost Famous, "You have to make a reputation out of being honest and unmerciful". If I didn't have this quality, then I would never be so willing to discuss pressing matters on my mind, such as music, relationships, etc. Even though it may be initially difficult to hear frank criticism, it is ultimately better than the other kind of criticism, which seems to be a principal trait in many people my age. It is pointless to hold back what one truly feels.

    And this is not to say that all of my viewpoints and opinions are poorly conceived and tossed out purely on a whim; they are far from that. I am a thinker at heart, a somewhat introverted one (although, I can be very outgoing, depending on the situation), and I almost always formulate my thoughts before I actually say them out loud. What I mean by saying that I am brutally honest is that, most of what I finally say out loud after debating within myself over an issue is indicative of my true feelings. There are boundaries that I follow too when it comes to this, but generally, they are far more loose than those of my peers.

    I am concerned about these traits of mine however, because in several recent circumstances, I think I've gone too far. Sometimes when I feel pressured to give an answer for something, I become overtly stressed and angry for no apparent reasons. I am a highly intense person when it comes to opinions, much more so than anyone I know. One of these days, if I don't change my act, all hell might break loose; I don't know.

    A couple weeks ago, I was talking with two friends of mine online, and they were both together at one of their houses. Our conversation was friendly for a little while, but it turned fierce when I changed the subject to music, and more specifically Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica. My friends didn't know about this album, so I described it to them based on reviews and song samples that I've heard of it; I do not own it yet, but do intend to get it soon, because all that I've read about it is incredibly positive. I then said that the song samples sounded pretty offensive, but that supposedly they get better with time, and both friends reacted by saying, "Why get it if it's offensive?" After this, we maintained a heated discussion over this issue, culminating in a debate over brutal honesty. By this point, I was swearing and being somewhat disagreeable as a result of wanting my thoughts validated, and one friend, Nate, said that I was far too blunt. This is just one example of this peculiar quality of mine; there have been too many instances like this in the past to mention, but this was the first one that popped into my head.

    Overall, I just feel so deeply about things and am willing to fight over them verbally in ways that other people don't want to, but this can make me feel severely depressed sometimes, tonight being a prime example. Maybe I treat life too seriously...I can't really say for sure.
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    Right on!! Im blunt too!! i really dislike people that like to play around the subject!! My thing is say what you have to say or shut the fuck up!;)
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    sometimes, it is best just to keep your mouth closed.

    i too used to be overly honest with people.
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    I found it not worth trying to convince anybody of my point of view. In most cases when I tried it only lead to arguements with no one changing their opinion. I have a right to feel the way I do on a subject, but so does everyone else have a right to feel the way they do. I rarely, if ever, feel the need to change someones mind. That's called maturity.
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    watch out with honesty around here
  6. jerry420

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    im so honest it funny lol
  7. Bellfire01

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    You said all that without telling me what the conversation was so I could form an opinion, smart boy! ;)
  8. 121

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    So true.
  9. ihmurria

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    You still need to be able to respect other people and their opinions. So they disagree with you. So what? How does that affect your everyday life if someone disagrees with you on whether a musician is good or not? Is it really worth the energy you've expended on it? Nothign wrong with being honest and truthful, but remember to RESPECT the other person still.

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