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    Ok. Im about to make some brownies real soon. I just wanted to get some insight into the best way for making them. I already have had the experience of making them about 7 times iand literaly tripping out on them everytime.

    My intentions right now is to make the best possible batch ever. I just wanted to get some insight from some veterans. I know there is the method simmering the pot on low heat in a crock pot for two hours. Also using a double boiler, and just the old sauce pan method. I usually make them in the fattiest unsalted butter I can find. I don't like getting the salted butter because it increase cotton mouth like crazy. Those who have had good brownies should know what I'm talking about. The worst batches I have made when I combined two brownie mixes into a huge pan, and the time I used oil instead of butter. The brownies still came out alright those times, but I know they can be better.

    I just want to get an idead of what methods you guys have done, and which do you think is the best way to get the most out of them. I plan on making two seperate batches. I am going to use a half ounce of good thirties and a quarter ounce of some schwag for each batch. I plan on just throwing the pot into a sauce pan and letting it simmer on medium heat for 15 minutes with the butter covering the the weed. The biggest problem I find is trying to figuire out when all the thc is cooked. And how often i should stir and all that good stuff. Also many recipies tell you to strain the weed out and just put the butter into the mix. I find that to be stupid though because the weed soaks up a lot of butter and your just throwing away something that can get you pretty stoned.

    Shit. Well I want to hear from you all. Let me know your methods. And which you find to be the best.
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    way to spam the forums. Also, there is a search function on these forums. I believe there have been at least 3 threads about brownies/cannabutter methods in the last few weeks.
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    theres a search function?!?!?! no fucking way
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    I placed in the conference track meet, it is taking forever form,ea to write this cause I am so drunk mannnnna, dude I got so drunk to celebrate and I won't remember this tomorrow probably dude!!!!

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