Bring war into the sacred ppl

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    1. Feeling someone's superphysical presence physically at times?

    2. Being effected as if disrespectfully by dreams as though they are by someone in a sense that aint suppose to be?

    3. Getting ill, itchy, or sore by reasons unknown by you and intentionally kept unknown by any one else?

    4. Getting labeled things you know you're not by someone else who uses those labels for handling you in a physical manner as if it were lawfully allowed or warranted?

    5. Preceive ppl you dont even know behaving in ways alien in nature toward you which suggest there is conspiring against you and the best interests of you?

    6. Getting nowhere fast or nothing done by who in all wont do a certain task/job how they are supposed to who in all just leave your requests in a till sense as if they are waiting for an intervention that aint even supposed to be to active fulfilling your requests?

    ^^If you've answered yes to any of those qeustions and think there is nothing that can done by others who seem to would turn out to help in a dishonorable way because they will not take your word or even your evidence, as if, they are aiding what's preceivablely going on, then what's next for you to do? Feel that if you do say that that your plan will "then" be compromised since you've been aware that someone in sacred is prolly watching all the time?

    This isnt a prophecy, this is what is programmed or appointed for happening:

    There will be a hold up on the dirty wrap game that's been on-going. Military will have to come in the U.S. and lock down all the suspected law enforcement agencies and round up all the law enforcerment agents working at/in them. These orders will override the president elect. Then the president appointed will stand for the ppl who were being handled badly by the sacred ppl. The rest of the sacred ppl who dont work at/in those agencies will have their lives prolonged for a season as long as they cooperate with the appointed president. Who caused this president to be appointed? Two ppl wanted dead or alive. One of the two was and still is famous in the hip hop world in a legendary way. The other is me if you must know. Some will say the appointed president is the Ancient of days mentioned in the book of Daniel in human form. Higher than the legendary, me, and even the president elect. Understand direct feeds by these consciouses of the dead or alive to the appointed.

    You heard it here first and last. You here and there in other countries will bare witness live of the part freestyled actual apocalypse [​IMG]

    The written apocalypse been fulfilled. A freestyled part of the apocalypse is above the written part in a new way that wont be foreseen by the sacred watchers!

    Once the sacred ppl above you are removed from being able to sit in operation and NOT operate properly, then society will flow a lot smoother. Bet! Then the real war will be easily won by us instead of them cheating to win in every case.
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    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

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    You can bet the 44th president will cut short the Bush/Cheney term and it wont be McCain, Hillary, or Obama just yet or even ever. It will be an appointed president with no vice that will stay for a good unspecified while. And this appointed president will be neither dem or rep. Though you could say an independant by default. It will be a military/intelligence dictator. Yes, something new. The new breed. A cross breed.

    What the conscious preceives we trust. In Conscious we trust.

    The suspected authorities will have to turn over their weaponry in the presence of guns aiming by those ready to blast any resisting.

    "Follow me into the ways of the man!"--by the legendary

    ^^The man is the very appointed instead of the very elected. What will go down will override and even convert House and Senate congresspersons nationwide and military into doing other new things.

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