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    Ok we can’t not for some time anyway and if we did ask to go back in we’d be a ‘new member’ and so would not have all the perks and advantages we have negotiated over the year, like the rebate, not been part of the Schengen agreement and above all not been part of the Euro (all new members have to sign up to it)

    No he wanted the German folk to conquer Europe through military force and rule over it, it didn’t involve treaties, negotiation and compromise.

    Actually I believe it was Churchill that proposed the beginnings of a European Union.
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    The immigration question is a lot more complex – traditionally immigration into the UK has come from former parts of the empire, the Caribbean, Africa and the Indian subcontinent etc and this still makes up around half of the immigration today and has nothing to do with the EU.

    It should also be remembered that we are not part of the Schengen agreement of free movement but we do allow EU citizens to work and reside in the UK but that also means UK citizens can work and reside in other EU counties.

    Another thing is that the UK has been following neo-liberal policies since the 80’s and the results of this has been labour deregulation, privatization and a fall in training, it is cheaper to buy in skilled labour whose skills have been leant (and paid for) elsewhere. This is why a lot of unskilled and skilled jobs in the NHS for example are immigrants.

    Access to the Common market which is essential to the UK economy will come at the price of that situation continuing so it is very possible that exit from the EU will change very little.
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    It's going to be one of those things where you, your family and relatives, friends, their families and relatives, everyone on your street, and pretty much everyone you know all voted BREXIT, yet UK stayed in.
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    Not sure what you mean?

    Are you for leave?

    If so why?
  5. I've been saying since we first saw a thread about Brexit that the immigration issue is probably a manifestation of prejudice and misunderstanding, and that it's less of an economic issue than it's being portrayed to be. I still feel that the Britain should remain in the European Union and that its people should find other ways to express their distress regarding immigrants.
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    Well it's also a cultural issue for obvious reasons, plus it's political as Marxism is winning out.

    Do you want more gays to die?
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    Sorry but what the fuck are you talking about?

    Are you talking about the UK?

    What cultural issue?

    Where is Marxism ‘winning out’?

    What UK ‘gays’ have died and in what way do you think there will be more?
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    Voted this morning and happily surprised that there was a queue at the door, of course not sure what people were voting for.

    The weather has not been good in London and the forecast is for rain, now traditionally bad weather in elections favours the more conservative vote, but let’s see.
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    Warm and sunny in Shropshire this morning, but the polling station near me quiet so far.

    Fingers crossed for a 'REMAIN' vote.
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    The new immigrants aren't willing to assimilate. They're replacing western culture with their culture. Cultural Marxists support them and generate fear of being called a racist. Milo yiannopolis pointed out that out of 1,001 British born Muslims, all 1,001 or 100% of them believe homosexuality is an unacceptable lifestyle.

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    This isn't really relevant. The Muslims here come mainly from ex British Empire countries such as Pakistan. Leaving the EU won't make any difference to that.
    The Muslims will stay in the UK no matter how today's vote goes.
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    Actually I believe it is the Polish that are the largest group of immigrants into the UK from the EU followed by the Irish.

    Most people love the Irish but there is some resentment against the Poles in some parts of the country I heard an old man just the other day complaining that his local supermarket had a whole isle of polish food. I actually think their sausages are quite good.
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    I have Voted Out My Wife Has Voted The same Everyone I know Except one Has Said They Voted out, My Daughter asked at the polling station and they said The turn out was huge !!
    I honestly Believe its A North South thing With London Wanting To remain and the rest of the Country Want out

    At The end of the day ( as Piaf Hinted ) It Dont Matter What the People Think
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  14. Mallyboppa

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    No Idea What This Means But Its Here !! ( and Read The Comments )
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    Twitter is flooded with UK voters tweeting that the voting booths only provide pencils to fill out voting ballots. They are warning others to bring pens to prevent voting fraud.
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    So Its Obvious Those People are Voting Out !! At the end of the Day The Fat Cats In Power Dont Need Us, They Got The Bankers and Money People ;)
    Be different if there was another war Who would They Look To Then ? Governments Shit on the People Until they Need Them
  17. 6-eyed shaman

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    Mally, you voted with a pen I hope. ;)
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  18. 6-eyed shaman

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    Holy shit! GB now has an official Independence day!
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    Yup, Britain is out. It will be interesting to see what happens to Cameron.
  20. Joshua Tree

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    I voted to remain. Now I may leave.

    How much is a one way ticket to Cuba?
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