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  1. So we are agreed then on how useless the EU is then.

    When there is a big health crisis, everybody is on their own, refugees from Turkey, that's Greece's problem
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    LOL as I say do you engage your brain before you reply to these posts?

    I’m just making fun of leavers who keep changing their arguments to suit the occasion (even when none of their arguments make any sense).

    I mean come on man, you can always tell when someone has a great idea when their arguments in support of it keep changing and are completely inconsistent and even contradictory.

    Sorry mate but do you not actually realise how foolish this makes you seem?
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  3. Gul Dukat

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    Didn’t Angela Merkle let a fuck ton of immigrants into Germany not that long ago?
  4. Vladimir Illich

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    Oh yeah ALL of them?

    Every single refugee that has ever gone to Germany is a rapist ALL of them, really?

    You have been pulled up on this crap before VG but you carry on.
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    There do seem to be some people that are confused over migration and its connection to the EU

    1) There are non-EU migrant’s people from outside the EU and over which the EU has no control, it is totally under the control of the UK government.

    Many of these non-Europeans have a connection to our imperial past coming for example form the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and from our one time African and Caribbean possessions.

    I have read some analysis that points for Brexit seeing a rise of migration from such places to cover the skills gap due to EU workers not coming the UK.

    2) EU citizens coming to live in the UK

    The thing with this is that while a member of the EU citizens could work easily in other EU countries, I’ve done it, but just like me when the work was over or circumstance I’d come back to Britain. So while there are people that stay settle down get married and have children in other EU countries that they were not born in many other don’t they return.

    3) Obligations in international law to asylum seekers again this has nothing to do with the EU is part of a wider international agreement

    The right to seek asylum is set out in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, it is for people seeking protection from prosecution or fleeing war.

    It basically goes back to WWII and the discovery of what happened to the Jews that could not seek asylum or were refused it – for example the UK allowed in Jewish children in the Kindertranport but not the parents many of whom subsequently got murdered in the Nazis concentration camps.


    In this leaving the EU in a Brexit will probably not affect the number of people in section 3 - will probably reduce the number in section 2 - and possibly increase the number in section 1.
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  7. More or less despicable than the individuals that carried out 1200 sexual assaults that night?
  8. Who said anything about all of them?
  9. Balbus

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    LOL and even your usual come back – the same every time – oh I didn’t say all of them - oh I didn’t mean to imply all of them - oh where did I say all of them

    Oh man you are so predictable

    Why keep up with this crap why not go and get educated about the issues and come back when you can discuss things honestly.
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    @Balbus THANK YOU for setting this one straight.
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  11. 'We assumed an incubation period of 5.1 days

    Infectiousness is assumed to occur from 12 hours prior to the onset of symptoms for those that are symptomatic and from 4.6 days after infection in those that are asymptomatic with an infectiousness profile over time that results in a 6.5-day mean
    generation time. Based on fits to the early growth-rate of the epidemic in Wuhan we make a baseline assumption that R0=2.4 but examine values between 2.0 and 2.6.

    We assume that symptomatic individuals are 50% more infectious than asymptomatic individuals. Individual infectiousness is assumed to be variable, described by a gamma distribution with mean 1 and shape
    parameter =0.25. On recovery from infection, individuals are assumed to be immune to re-infection
    in the short term.

    Evidence from the Flu Watch cohort study suggests that re-infection with the same
    strain of seasonal circulating coronavirus is highly unlikely in the same or following season (Prof Andrew Hayward, personal communication).

    Infection was assumed to be seeded in each country at an exponentially growing rate (with a doubling time of 5 days) from early January 2020, with the rate of seeding being calibrated to give local epidemics which reproduced the observed cumulative number of deaths in GB or the US seen by 14th
    March 2020."

    The actual report from the Imperial College that apparently so heavily influenced both Boris Johnson's and Donald Trump's recent policy change in regards to the virus

    The modelling is heavily reliant on data from China, follows a simple Gaussian distribution for infection, contains base variables that are already shown to be off, and includes many arbitrary assumption for variables such as "Assume 70 % of households comply with policy" (full quarantine lockdown)

    This is how it was presented in the media as an "ominous" report

    US, UK coronavirus strategies shifted following epidemiologists' ominous report - CNN

    Not exactly to do with Brexit of course, but I'm putting it for future reference when the full economic impact hits

    The model predicts 510,000 deaths for Great Britain in the do nothing scenario, what you won't hear in the media is that the model still predicts 170,000 in the full quarantine lockdown scenario. Neither of which are going to be in anyway accurate
  12. VG - the coronavirus has got nothing to do with brexit
  13. You know this isolation is to stop it spreading quickly and all at once. It is to help doctors and nurses, hospitals deal with it, the flooding of it to hospital. It is staggering it, I forget what this is called. The something curve,
  14. "EU talks on how to help southern Eurozone countries badly affected by the coronavirus epidemic have stalled after 16 hours.

    The European Central Bank says the bloc may need up to €1.5tn ($1.6 trillion; £1.3tn) to tackle the crisis.

    European finance ministers were close to a deal, but the talks broke down amid a dispute between Italy and the Netherlands over how to apply the recovery fund.

    Negotiations will resume on Thursday.

    The coronavirus pandemic has exposed deep divides in Europe, where Italy and Spain have accused northern nations - led by Germany and the Netherlands - of not doing enough."

    Marathon talks over EU virus rescue package stall

    €1.5 trillion, yeah, I don't think so, you still have all the bank bailouts to come, a few more stimulus packages and a few years of people not spending, recovering from debt

    Try €5 trillion

    Don't see the Schengen area going back to the way it was, and you need to scrap the euro so every country can manage its own currency

    Have fun

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