Brexit was a con – official

Discussion in 'U.K. Politics' started by Balbus, Jul 23, 2021.

  1. Balbus

    Balbus Members

    The US voted for Trump and got 4 years of madness the UK voted for Brexit and could end up living through a generation of madness.

    So we now have it from the horses mouth - Dominic Cummings the man that sold Brexit to the UK public (on the back of years wealth sponsored media propaganda) has made it clear it was a complete con.

    All the supposed benefits were a con, it was just a means to an end – which seems to be about replacing democracy in the UK with some type of technocratic junta – he and those like him knowing that been in the EU would make that difficult wanted to get out so he would have free rein to trash the present UK system of government (and while the UK system of government is getting trashed it is not in the way he hoped)

    Dom had his techno dream (his personal unicorn) and he didn’t care what he did to get it, he didn’t care if what he sold the leavers was deceitful, lies or a crock of shit, it didn’t matter to him, he had no loyalty to truthfulness or even to democracy, he seems to have chosen the Tory party to manipulate because they were open to it and they were his best road to power and he chose Johnson to prime minister because he was a willing fool and once he’d got him in power he was choosing a successor.

    Brexit was a con, that some willingly entered into and others joined because they hadn’t the capacity to see beyond the dogma and lies.

    I like many have "Compassion for the conned, contempt for the conmen." But the conned really need to open their eyes and see what the contemptable did to them.
  2. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment Lifetime Supporter

    To be fair... The madness isn't over yet.
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  3. Vladimir Illich

    Vladimir Illich Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    You should be so lucky, at least it was only four years and you now have some respite from it - over this side of the 'pond' we've had eleven years (so far) of unmitigated ignorance, arrogance and incompetence from the scumbag 'nasty party' government !!!
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  4. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment Lifetime Supporter

    Oh really?
  5. Balbus

    Balbus Members

    Oh I wasn’t trying to say the madness in the US has ended just that its not in the driving seat and Americans has been give the chance to do some correcting (although I really find the Democratic leaderships lack of urgency baffling)

    I’m just saying that in the UK a madness called Brexit has very much got its foot to the pedal and will do for awhile even if the Tory party got thrown out of office in 2024 Brexit has really changed things here for the worst and for long term
  6. Balbus

    Balbus Members

    The neverending Brexit

    It has to be remembered that while remainers warned that Brexit would have malevolent consequences in the short, median and long term - many people who voted for Johnson and the right-wing Tory party in the last election did so because the leaver leadership promised to ‘get Brexit done’ that they could ‘end’ all the Brexit madness by getting it ‘over the line’ with Boris Johnson talking about an ‘oven ready’ deal that would bring Brexit to a close –

    BUT that was just more lies – because everything they were planning and have done since has ensured Brexit and the madness it causes would go on for years to come.

    That ‘oven ready’ deal turned out to be a crap withdrawal treaty – dismissing warnings that it was crap at the time but now admitting even they think it crap - and to take crap and make it even crapper they then negotiated a vey crap trade deal with the EU that favours the EU over ourselves a trend they have continued with the Japan and Australia deals.

    Thing is that any honest and competent person would know Brexit was a bad idea – so the people in charge of the UK at the moment at the dishonest and the incompetent the only thing that stops the corruption and dishonesty been blatantly obvious is a fawning right-wing media, a cowed BBC and large numbers of leavers who don’t want to admit they were conned.
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  7. ~Zen~

    ~Zen~ Wizard in the Castle Administrator

    Y'all got suckered. Like Americans did when Trump got elected.

    When you gonna stand up and do something about it except whine?
  8. Si69

    Si69 Senior Member Lifetime Supporter

    The re-join campaign has begun.

    But what a pathetic example of a country shooting itself in the foot....and other places. So much for our 1000 year so-called 'mother-of-parliaments', let alone the electorate that voted for these lying politicians. The UK government has long ceased to be a meritocracy......a load of corrupt lightweights led by the charlatan Johnson.

    But .....folk are getting what they voted sad

    Simon :-(
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  9. Boozercruiser

    Boozercruiser Kenny Lifetime Supporter

    No whining from me Zen.
    I don’t want to do anything about leaving the EU!
    I think America got suckered over Trump Zen, but being British here in the UK I don’t think we got suckered over Brexit at all.
    We were suckered into joining the EU and suckered into it more or less ruling us for 47 years during which time it more or less became our Lord and Master.

    But now we are FREE!:)

    Most of our laws came from the EU while we paid it something like 13 BILLION POUNDSa year for membership.

    The UK is FREE from all that now.
    And as far as I am concerned it is good riddance to bad rubbish!

    I could go on and on and on.
    I know Bulby will jump in now and and try and goad me into debate.
    I haven’t got time for that as he just leads on then to questions after questions after questions after......................................................................................:eek:

    But I do wonder how the USA would feel if all their laws where being made by foreign powers?
    No way Jose’y.:)

  10. erofant

    erofant Members

    You're NOT alone. We had about half of our population here that "drank the Kool-Ade" that T**** was going to "bring all those good-paying manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.A.", stand up to enemies, terrorist states, take away all those "nasty regulations" , re-write a "fair" tax code, etc. T**** never cared for ANY avg. American. T**** cares for NO ONE but T****.

    More businesses LEFT the U.S. - all the promised good-paying jobs are NOT HERE.

    Stand up to enemies??? T**** swapped spit with Xi Jinping for most of his presidency (until Xi became a useful target to blame for Covid), and he's so far up Putin's ass T**** knows what the underside of Putin's tonsils look like. T**** wouldn't say ANYTHING negative about Putin and Russia - even though all of our intelligence agencies said Putin & Russia were behind the election hacking & propaganda in 2016. It's a proven fact that Russia wanted - and aided by internet propaganda - T****'s election win in 2016. So no surprise that T**** has no guts or spine to say anything bad about "Vlad-T****'s-DAD." I hope & pray the rumored "pee-pee tapes" come out.

    Regulations??? Yep ........ T**** took away the regulations that reduced all types of pollution of air & water. Now corporate "America" can pollute more easily, without fear of court cases since T**** packed the U.S. "Supreme Court" with Federalist Society puppets who'll N-E-V-E-R rule against a corporation. Citizens be damned - corporations first. T**** pulled the U.S. out of the Climate Accord that most countries on the planet agreed to, to limit greenhouse gases and slow global warming / climate change. T**** said publicly that he knows more than ALL the climate scientists. Earth climate be damned. T**** and THE REPUBLICAN PARTY weakened or eliminated many of the financial industry's regulations that were enacted by Democrats in Congress to prevent another financial meltdown that started in 2007. Retirement accounts and college savings plans are once again at risk. (Remember ..... REPUBLICAN GEORGE W. BUSH and THE REPUBLICANS in Congress had originally de-regulated the financial industry and Wall Street Bankers - which led to the casino-type, wild-West disaster of the meltdown in 2007.) And workers will be taking a HUGE hit under this dictatorial, fascist regime of a "Supreme Court." They want NO workers' rights. ( this is what the corporate executive elite want. After all - they donate BILLIONS into THE REPUBLICAN PARTY here, so they O-W-N the SPINELESS REPUBLICAN PUPPETS. ) Hell, the KOCH BROS. alone donated $$$$$$ 800 million to THE REPUBLICAN PARTY last election cycle, and said so publicly. All union bargaining rights will be stripped, political contributions by organized labor will be weakened / reduced if not eliminated, and workers will be left with a "you're alone against the corporate machinery" situation. AAAAAAAHHHHHH - more $$$$ multi-million $$$$ bonuses, a new jet, and a bigger yacht for the executives.

    Aaaahhh the "fairer" tax code. What a monumental piece of S-H-I-T that is. Once again - as in past REPUBLICAN-SPONSORED tax code re-writes ............. the lion's share of the tax breaks went to the top % of wealthiest "Americans" (?) They basically bought-off the masses with $1000 "bonuses" that were passed off as "benefits" of the new tax code. The public was told that because of the new tax code, more corporate profits could be passed down to the workers and pay increases would be forthcoming. Ask any avg. American worker if they've been getting their annual profit-sharing bonuses from the "fairer" tax code. Ask how much their pay has gone up. It seems the public was ..........


    And the REPUBLICAN PARTY tries to sell itself as the party for AVG. Americans!!!!!!!! THE BIGGEST LIE OF ALL.

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