Brexit – The Death of a Unicorn

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Balbus, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Balbus

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    To repeat

    The most sensible and prudent thing to do is ask for an extension of the transition period of say a couple of years which the EU would be happy to grant so that we can concentrate on dealing with the covid crisis (and its economic impact) rather than adding a Brexit one on top of it.
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    But the right wing media machine does the crudest of distractions and the English nationalist base fall for it every time

    England has the highest Covid death rate in Europe and the crappest economic results but all the right wing media have to do is show a photo of some refugees in a dingy and it seems the Brexit crowd totally lose their shit and forget about everything else.

    How are they so easily manipulated?

  3. No man, that 20.4% is ridiculous. its not tied to the virus, but the measures taken for the virus, the lockdowns

    You have already spent roughly 300 million pounds on it, drop in GDP will be similar next quarter, so you are headed for a 200-300 million hole in government revenue, and thats only if everything magically goes back to normal by October, plus what ever extra covid will cost you this quarter and the next, it will easily all add up to 1 trillion pounds by the end of the year

    6/7 times your entire health budget in one year

    Or to put it another way, 6 years of WWII cost Britain roughly 1.5 trillion pounds in todays money, Covid will end up costing you 2/3 of that ( minimum) in just one year
  4. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    The Brexit decision (that you support) has already cost the UK hundreds of billions of pounds and is likely to cost a hell of a lot more.

    The mishandling of the covid outbreak in England has cost not only the premature and unnecessary deaths of thousands it has also lead to the UK having the worse economic results in the G7. That’s billions of pounds more.

    Do you then agree that it would be best to ask for an extension to the transition?
  5. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    So now even Nigel Farage thinks the unicorn will be dead on arrival. He has been saying that leavers will be annoyed at what happens because it would be what they voted for

    Thing is that in all the years of discussing Brexit I’ve found that most leavers really didn’t know what they wanted.
  6. This from the independent, it was done sarcastically, which one would realise, as long as one makes it past the headlines and the first half of the article. The writer surely must know that most don't

    "Nigel Farage is right. Until refugees can do some honest work and hold pints down the pub all day, we can’t let them in

    Because of political correctness, we have to blame the economic downturn on lockdown. But look closer and you’ll see those who really caused it are three refugee kids and their grandma"

    Farage is right, we can’t let refugees in unless they’ve done honest work, like holding pints | Mark Steel

  7. I was in Brussels last October when Boris Johnson went to renegotiate the deal struck by Mrs May that had failed on three occasions to get a majority in parliament. The odd thing about the Prime Minister's position was that twice he'd voted against it and then at the third attempt capitulated.

    PUBLISHED: 09:08, Wed, Aug 12, 2020
    UPDATED: 08:51, Thu, Aug 13, 2020

    That issue was the Northern Irish backstop and Boris’ victory on the night was its removal from the treaty, which meant that the entire UK would not be trapped in the customs union. But it came a price. Ever since that moment, Northern Ireland has effectively been placed in a different constitutional position to the rest of the United Kingdom; a point that has been used by Nicola Sturgeon in her attempt to break Scotland away from the UK. But the Prime Minister was able in the early hours of the morning to declare a great negotiating victory and a good deal for the United Kingdom. The press and much of the public believed him. There was a sense of relief following months of parliamentary deadlock and the appalling tactics of the Remainers that now there was a deal that would finally allow us to leave.

    I sat for hours that morning with my lawyer in Brussels and went through the document line-by-line, even memorising some of the articles.

    It was clear that this deal was little better than Mrs May’s. Not only was Northern Ireland to become a different entity, but the European Court of Justice would have a continued say in British public life.

    There were also clever legal wordings that would keep us within the common fisheries policy and commitments to continued regulatory alignment. In short, I felt it was not Brexit.

    As the moment of the general election approached, the Prime Minister continued to sell his “oven-ready deal” to a public that were more than happy to believe him.

    It presented me with a huge political dilemma. If the Brexit Party fought every seat and condemned the deal, there was a real risk that our vote would allow many more Pro-EU liberal democrats into the House of Commons.

    This may well have led to a second referendum, something that would have damaged trust in our political system for many years to come. Equally, the Conservative Party was keen to get Brexit Party candidates off their backs.

    In the end, Boris made a promise that we would not agree to continued alignment of rules.

    In these circumstances, I withdrew our candidates in 317 seats that were held by the Conservatives and they went on to win a great victory.

    To be fair to Boris and the Government, ever since that moment the excellent Chief negotiator David Frost has held the line that we will become an independent country.

    On the other side, I do understand why Michel Barnier is so upset with us. He sees the UK government as having reneged on its Withdrawal Agreement promises made in Brussels last October.

    This, above all, is why we have the current impasse.

    There are now many who backed the Withdrawal Agreement who would happily see it ditched, with Iain Duncan Smith being the most prominent among them.

    My own guess is that a deal will be reached in the coming months but one in which we have continued financial liabilities through the European Investment Bank and one in which we will not truly be free in areas such as state aid.

    These are issues that would have caused huge problems to a Prime Minister a year ago, but my sense of things is that the public is now more concerned with COVID-19, illegal immigration and deteriorating law and order in our cities.

    The year 2020 will be remembered in history as the year we finally left the European Union, but the final shape of our withdrawal looks unlikely to be the true freedom that many of us had fought for for decades.

    I stopped Brexit Party destroying Tories now Boris must stand up for Brexit– NIGEL FARAGE
  8. Balbus

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    The Zombie Unicorn

    I think some leavers have realised the unicorn is dead but are trying to reanimate it (zombie unicorn anyone)

    Two leading Brexit supporters Nigel Farage and Ian Duncan Smith having realised the unicorn is dead since it was always a fairy-tale it could never actually live, have begun to try and distance themselves from what they brought about and in the process try and create a new myth – that Brexit would could have been all milk and honey but for the Withdrawal Agreement, - that things are only turning to shit because the agreement they cheered on, promoted and voted for was the wrong agreement.

    But as explained the supposed benefits of Brexit were always unicorns, a myth, a fairy-tale – the Brexit related shit that is happening was predicted shit.

    I’ve already explained that Boris/Cummings didn’t really care about the WA so much so that they basically gave the EU everything they wanted even to the point of giving away £7 Billion to the EU.

    But no agreement was going to be a good agreement for the UK, Boris' was just a really bad one.

    But even before Boris signed the agreement and his supporters vote for it those that were dismissed as ‘Project Fear’ had pointed out that were never going to get a great agreement for the UK because we have put ourselves in the weaker position.

    It didn’t matter how many myths they spun about us ‘holding all the cards’ and of ‘having our cake and eating it’ the reality was always going to be different.

    Reality was always going to kill the myth.
  9. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    From the very beginning the then remainers warned that we would never be better off out than in and that there would be damaging consequences it we tried.

    The remainers also predicted that when that happened the leavers would descend into a blame game, what I didn’t see coming was that they would begin blaming themselves for the fuck up they caused.

    That they are so fucking dumb for supporting and voting for the thing they supported and voted for – it’s hilarious
  10. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    If we leave the EU without a deal in roughly 4 months (134 days) we lose all the trade agreements we had through the EU.

    So far we have 8% of our export trade covered by newly negotiated trade agreements so that leaves 92% not covered (and those are copy and paste from EU agreements so not better deals)

    We have stopped the US talks, the ones with China have not really even begun and those with Japan have stalled because it was a worse deal than the one we had through the EU and they are not willing to make it on the same level let alone better.

    What was it leavers said – that trade deals were easy and we would get even better ones that we had through the EU.

    What did remainers warn – that trade deals were not easy and often took years and that we were unlikely to get better deals than we had through the EU because we would be in the weaker position.

    Wait and see said the leavers

    Well we have waited and we are seeing
  11. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Everything that was warned about in what leavers called Project Fear has or is becoming true

    It is often hard to spot because of course there was no actual definition of what Brexit meant, there were many versions some of them contradictory, and over time these positions have changed often dramatically some have stopped been leavers altogether others who swore blind they were in favour of the single market and customs union now swear that they were against them all along.

    But at the beginning at least all the leavers seemed to say that Brexit would come with real world benefits.

    Remainers might call unicorn and try and explain why those supposed benefits were a myth or just lies but leavers could just smugly smile and say ‘wait and see’

    Well now there is no talk of any tangible benefits even the far right Brexit loving Daily Express is telling it readers to hoard food because of Brexit causing food shortages.

    The last two arguments I’ve heard from leavers as to what benefits Brexit would bring were along the lines of – ‘the French won’t like it’ and ‘it will make those people that wanted to remain sad’

    Before that the last best hope for many leavers seem to be on a US trade deal that would somehow make everything worthwhile. But that dream has quickly tarnished or even rotted away, given that the government’s own overinflated estimate of how much this would help boost British trade was 0.16% in contrast to the loss of 5% to 8% of GDP we are likely to get hit with by leaving the EU. And then the EU announces an even better trade agreement with the US that we are now going to lose out on.

    Now that we waited and are seeing the results the smug smiles have been wiped of those leaver faces.
  12. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Leavers claimed – the EU forces the UK to have red tape this will disappear after we leave.

    Remainers warned – actually it's likely we will have to have even more red tape without frictionless borders it will be inevitable that there will be more paper work to fill in.

    Leavers said – wait and see


    Well we have waited and we can now see that – there is going to be a hell of a lot more paperwork
  13. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Leavers – the Johnson withdrawal agreement is the best thing ever we really pulled one over the EU

    Remainers – the Johnson withdrawal agreement is worse than even the May agreement which was crap I mean for fuck sake it puts a customs barrier up in the Irish sea

    Leavers smiling smuggle – wait and see

    We have waited and we are seeing

    Johnson now thinks the withdrawal agreement that he fought for and put at the centre of his election campaign the wonderful ‘oven ready deal’ is now a bad deal.
  14. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    The EU has begun taking the Johnson government to court for basically breaking a contract it only signed a few short months ago.

    truely the death of a unicorn
  15. Boozercruiser

    Boozercruiser Kenny HipForums Supporter

    Blimey Bulby.
    I see you are still preaching you Brexit Bile as usual.
    How sad!
    You losers really are bad losers and we are almost out of that Bureaucratic Money Pit EU thank goodness.
    Soon it is:

    Goodbye Goodbye we wave you all a last goodbye! :tonguewink: :laughing:

  16. Balbus

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  17. Balbus

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  18. Boozercruiser

    Boozercruiser Kenny HipForums Supporter

    Nnnnaaaahhh Blulby my friend.
    I am not getting into yet another argument with you over Brexit.
    We won.
    You lost.
    End of story! :tonguewink: :laughing:
  19. Balbus

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    LOL - i ask again - what did you win - i mean all the remainer warnings have either already becoming true or are going to do so

    Your dead unicorn is rotting before your eyes
  20. Balbus

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    I’m not surprised that those that supported Brexit have gone quiet or refuse to talk about it because basically there dream has turned out to be the the shit storm that remainers always warned it would be.

    Leaving was always based on fantastical belief rather than realistic policies and their main argument to any warning was – wait and see.

    Brexit was like someone wanting to jump off a cliff in the belief that they will fly before they hit they hit the ground, it didn’t matter how many times other explained gravity to them or that in the whole of history no human had suddenly started flying like that they would just turn around and say – wait and see.

    Well they jumped and no wings have appeared and even those that told them to jump are also now telling them that the next bit is going to hurt and probably hurt a lot.

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