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Discussion in 'Free Love' started by ShadeKensis, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. ShadeKensis

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    I know this is beyond than what most of you would expect. A good amount of couples actually look for things like this, because they don't want the long processes of adoption or sperm banks. Sometimes, a woman's husband can't produce sperm to impregnate their wife in order to have children. I'm searching around to take notice on the positives and negatives of others opinions on this. I may just host such a party to help couples and others to have children. Under reasonable circumstances for sure. It would be wrong for a woman to come to a party, just to have a child to gain the upper hand on their significant other, such as revenge, as well as, gaining government support financially. If I left anything out, just leave a comment. If anyone is interested, leave a comment, send a PM, etc. You don't have to be interested in this particular one, but for a future reference, make sure you do your definite research on those you plan to be involved with and always be safe.
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    While impregnating a female is certainly God's gift to man, simply nothing hotter than exploding inside a fertile female who wants a child and even more so if they are bonded in Love, I can't imagine there are many couples who are so desperate to conceive that they would entrust a stranger to do it. How about background checks, intelligence gauge, clean bill of health, do the donors have children of their own, if so what are they like? Health, IQ....etc While you most likely can't find answers to all the questions at a Sperm Bank, some of them, health in particular, is available.
  3. PineMan

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    In the UK it used to be possible to be paid to make anonymous sperm donations. However, due to more recent EU legislation even when a woman is impregnated in this way, the father can still be held liable for the financial maintenance of any subsequent offspring.

    Is it any wonder so many Brits want out of the EU when we're ruled by Brussels & not by the UK?
  4. kurona

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    wow this is definitely new to me

    I would say, for safety, you require everyone to get a really really recent std test

    but then again, so its a party only without contraception

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