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  1. I'm also female and my breasts have a major asset, I'm 60 and my breast are firm for the size and age, well here goes.
    They've 40gg, my areola are huge, about 3.5 inch across and very dark brown, my nipples are massive, very long and fat. Males are fascinated by them.
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  2. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    My wife had "DD" boobs and hated them so she had them cut off and she is down to B. Says it was the best decision she ever made. I love small tits myself.
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  3. MoonGoddess

    MoonGoddess Members

    While you could wear these bras, it does not make it your true size. There is a proper way to measure.
    First you measure around your ribcage just under your breasts, that gives you the band size(32,34,36, etc...) then you measure around the widest part, usually this goes right across the nipples, this is best done naked as wearing one of the other bras could restrict your breasts and throw off the measurement, a thin camisole can be worn if the measuring tape across your nipples bothers you. The difference in inches between your band size and your breast size turns in to your cup size (1 inch per cup size) so a I inch difference is an A cup, 2 inches= B cup, 3"=C, etc... oh and sizing is just the single letter alphabet but for some reason we decided to complicate things and add double and triple letters so DD is actually E and DDD is actually F.
    You should get fitted and treat yourself to a really good bra, your breasts will thank you!
  4. MoonGoddess

    MoonGoddess Members

    I can't speak for men but my observations have told me that while some may prefer smaller breasts, larger ones tend to draw more attention, it just seems like nice cleavage is too hard for them not to notice regardless of their preference.
  5. Irishbbwlover

    Irishbbwlover Visitor

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  6. StlNs

    StlNs Members

    My wife has double d saggy. I like them, but pretty much any meaty breast will do
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  7. Jack O

    Jack O Members

    I am pretty picky when it comes to breast but that is just me. Everyone has their own taste it's just personal preference. Size is the least important to me, big medium small, I love them all. Shape and sag matter more as well as how far apart they are. So the closer to symmetrical, perkyness and having a cleavage is where it's at for me. Then there's color, not important but if I'm being picky, I love um white or on the lighter side. Best when it matches the rest of her body rather than having tan lines. Nipples are a big deal, that's where size matters. Bigger the better, big puffies are the shit. Like breasts, my color preference is on the lighter side, pink being the ultimate. Medium sized nipples are fine, I'm just not into small areolas.
  8. Nippleman

    Nippleman Members

    I like big boobs and i also like small one too. But i like them boobs to have some bounce in them and in Shape . Not just Sagen there.
  9. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    I don't care if the chest is flat as long as she has an investigative intuitive mind, no air heads or mindless models who go thru life on their natural looks. Big turn off.
  10. TudorQueen21

    TudorQueen21 Members

    34 c
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  11. Nippleman

    Nippleman Members

    34 c sounds good
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  12. Nippleman

    Nippleman Members

    A man like me always loves a firm sexy looking tits.
  13. Romper

    Romper Members

    C cups with a little droop to them. Large aureoles are a plus.

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