Breaking the mold

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by NightShadow, May 23, 2004.

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    Here I sit and look over the ocean,
    while I drink and refill my potion.

    I dwell on my past and my life in the city,
    a life of which I shed absolutly no pity.

    I had to be strong, I had to be keen,
    to remain in that world absolutly unseen.

    It grew so old, so old and so cold,
    that I finally said fuck it, went and broke that mold.

    The light burst through, and shone on my skin,
    so I started scrubbing and washing my sin.

    Now I'm all clean, I'm like I was before,
    hoping there will never be, another down pour.

    So I'm out of the city, I'm out of the fight,
    ready to go and stand, go and stand in that light.

  2. saffronfrancisburnet

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    this is wonderful

    i love the line

    the light burst through,and shone on my skin.

    what a moment to remember on your path
    how stunning this piece feels

    to stand with many in a light so pure
    to empty the soul and be alive alive

    love n peace from saff
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