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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Hrt of a Hippie, May 23, 2004.

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    :) Hello... Let me start off by saying that my real name is Paige.

    Erroneous name I know but it was the name given to me at birth and I have grown quite attatched to it.
    Although I work 2 jobs and don't dress the way that normal people would consider to be hippie-ish,as Homer Simpson made Hippies out to be, panchos and black as ash feet from lack of shoes, as my screen name would suggest, I have a heart of a hippie. Love is sublime and war is annihilation.
    In my beliefs of (made up word in 3-2-1) Hippiedum, for example: Hippies are the peaceful people that were able to see the beauty in almost everything. The most common thought is peace, love and harmony. While this is true, why do you think that people started believing in these, at the time, radical ideas? Certainly, and without a doubt the war in Vietnam and also the way that the United States government itself was heading.... down the (lack of a better term) shitter. Hippies are political people with good hearts, who would rather see their friends and family living peacefully and harmoniously rather then dead in a trench fighting a cause that isn't just.
    What I would like to know is others views on exactly why there is a war on Iraq at this time.
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    Hey, i just wanted to say that i like what you seem really awesome :) as for your question...i really wish i knew the answer to that, i'm totally against the war tho regardless...war isnt good for anyone! but anyways welcome to the forums :) i'm pretty new around here myself, but i like it so far, hope u do too! :rolleyes:
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    Hi and welcome, not really new i used to be part of the old site before the up grade i guess you would call it, i love your attitude, you sound like a wicked chick, have fun here there are alot of neat people!!:)

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