box made for rollin

Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by akatweak, May 18, 2007.

  1. akatweak

    akatweak Member

    Well today i was fucking with my ipod and found out i can hook it up to my bros xbox360... its pretty cool able to play slide shows and shit but yeah anyways Pinkfloyd's Echos just kicked on with a perfectmatching light show... wish i was rolling right now... im gonna have to borrow my bros box next time i take a trip!!!

    i think they made the damn thing for at home ravers!

    yeah so i was bored!

  2. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    hahaha no offense man, but whats the point of this thread
  3. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    it'd be pretty fun to lose yourself in those things on any drug... they're awesome.
  4. asilos vulnerado

    asilos vulnerado Senior Member

    hahahahahah, this is aweird thread.

    And prismatism, I love your hair:) :)
  5. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    why thankyew

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