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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Emma Sweet, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. Mysteron

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    Life doesn't have to end when your married either . You just have to know where the line is and don't cross it. When you get married you would get a ring but you don't get blinkers . When someone else gives you a compliment you should accept it and get the confidence from it and maybe return the compliment .

    Take a look at the Flirt thread sometime . I have put some input on there along with others . Flirting isn't uncommon between members on here either with Candy being one of the best female flirts that I know .

    Its in the Relationship Section
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  2. Emma Srsly

    Emma Srsly Members

    Thanks. I'll check it out
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  3. BoyToy69

    BoyToy69 Members

    This is soo true! This is how me and my wife are. The key is communication, sitting down together and having a happy yet serious talk about where each of you consider the "Line". Come up with a limit that you both agree upon. Most of our limits are extremely flirty, which is due to unbreakable love and more importantly, TRUST. If you truly love each other you truly trust each other. When trust is at 100%, there's no such thing as jealousy or worry about flirting. You know in your heart that it's simply a flirt, and the 2 of you will always be together afterwards. And if either of you see something that makes you even a little uncomfortable, talk about it and share your true feelings. May have to make adjustments. Or like us, I would tell her "You call that flirting? you didn't even touch his ass walking away!" lol. But we have fun and always laugh about it. Life is way too short. Have fun together and always communicate.
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  4. Emma Srsly

    Emma Srsly Members

    Can't find it...
  5. Mysteron

    Mysteron Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Got into forums .

    Then go right to the bottom and count 30 upwards. That should take you to Relationships .I think Vegetarians are under neath .Go into Relationships and then look for "Are you a flirt ?" .

    I am on a Tab so I can't insert the link .
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  6. Andy Schumer

    Andy Schumer Members

    Many guys are telling the truth. Read my posts or replies in posts. They are only about myself, yes I get that.
    I worked with some guys who would also speak their minds. One example, one guy was thinking just like me. A couple of times he told me “I don’t know about you but I keep looking at (name withheld), I keep thinking about her tiny boobs and it drives me crazy. If I wasn’t married I would try my luck fucking her.”
    He had worded it better than I would have had.

    At least 3-4 guys would make comments about finding them hot. I was quiet about it but agreed silently even before I heard those guys.

    Last month I tried to meet this younger woman because I kept thinking about her small breasts, that was what I wanted.
    Of course, I would go for bigger ones also, I won’t lie about it, but to say I crave small breasts, like some other guys, hope it helps you. One thing that will make me break my neck is small breasts without a bra under a slightly loose top. It drives me crazy to want to have them.
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  7. Emma Srsly

    Emma Srsly Members

    I do like going braless... its a nice feeling. Especially with certain clothes and fun for him to. Its an advantage not having to worry about needing to hold them up i.must admit:)
  8. Andy Schumer

    Andy Schumer Members

    I would have a hard time ignoring you with my eyes!
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  9. Emma Srsly

    Emma Srsly Members

    I would find it hard to ignore the attention
  10. Andy Schumer

    Andy Schumer Members

    One thing off a warning, just for choosing word. Don’t wear bras that make you look like you have bigger breasts. I can’t speak for other guys.

    I wrote a story here in a couple places in this forum but I will spare you the search.
    Five years ago I was with a younger woman. small breast and pretty self-conscious about it.
    I had told her couple of times that I liked smaller one as well and she thought I was just being nice.
    So one night she was at my place and the fun started. She started giving me a blow job and I will tell you, it was amazing!
    She kept her bra on and in a couple of minutes I started going soft even though I was receiving this very good blow job.
    I got the nerve to ask if she could take her bra off. She did gladly and I was able to see her breasts… Much smaller than her bra cups.

    maybe 3 to 5 seconds later she stopped long enough to tell me “oh my god! You got SUPER hard!” She never doubted me after that.
    She was happy to let me see her topless after.
    No more need to try to look bigger-breasted
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  11. Andy Schumer

    Andy Schumer Members

    Better not be alone together. Well unless you have intentions
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  12. Emma Srsly

    Emma Srsly Members

    Thats nice...i wear slightly padded but may bin them. Never look to big as i don't want to give off more than I have
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  13. Micheal9

    Micheal9 Members

    The two things that turn me on the most. All this talk about small breast and bras is turning me on. :blush:
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2020
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  14. SniffApanty

    SniffApanty Member

    Smaller perky breasts
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  15. bored home

    bored home Members

    Love me some small perky boobs, it’s really the person not the boobs!!!
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  16. Emma Srsly

    Emma Srsly Members

    Thanks guys. I've felt much better over last few
    Days since joining here. :) can't help but stop and look in mirror at them now rather than walk past and hide :sweatsmile:
  17. Micheal9

    Micheal9 Members

    I’m sure they would make me stop and look too :wink:
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  18. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    Quality is more important than size, and a smaller breast keeps its shape longer and allows for going braless.
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  19. Emma Srsly

    Emma Srsly Members

    Haven't worn one for a few days now..except for work haha
  20. Well proportioned and perky are definitely a huge plus. That’s a joy for me. I prefer a bit larger but anything can be fun.
    Look tits to me are a starter and some to play with while you’re doing foreplay. A large set of tits doesn’t do much in the orgasm department. I wouldn’t mind a titty fuck and some tit bounce while going at it but not necessary. I’m also an ass man and you sound pleased in that department. I’d rather have a good looking girl with good sex skills and a nice ass than an ugly girl with poor sex skills and the nicest tits in the world.
    When I was in college there was this beautiful girl that was flirting with me and she was hot. She had no bobs at all. I thought about going out with her but decided against it only because I was involved with some one else. I ended up marrying that some one else but still remember how beautiful she was. I’d also say she had a sexy body. By no boobs I mean like no boobs. Very nice girl too.

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