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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Emma Sweet, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. Emma Srsly

    Emma Srsly Members

    Hi all this is my first nice!!
    I'm 32 yrs old and I've always been very conscious of my boobs. I'm not unattractive and have a size 8/10 figure w/nice bum, so I can't complain. But when I compare myself or look at other women I get very down as I wasn't blessed in the boob department, 32A, but well proportioned and perky. I wonder if guys actually tell the truth when they say it doesn't matter to them. I've been with my partner a long time and he's definitely an ass man, but whenever he checks out other girls or watches porn..they have big boobs! Imjust want some feedback off anyone...
  2. ryanmem

    ryanmem Members

    I’m an ass guy myself boobs are ok I mean yea I give them attention but not as much as the ass. When I check out a female I look at their ass. But don’t get me wrong I don’t like a huge ass either and I can definitely be ok with a cute ass. So I’m my opinion don’t worry about the boobs.
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  3. Upnorthguy

    Upnorthguy Members

    Size doesn't matter to me for the most part. If they are so big that a gal can't stand up straight, then yeah that's more than I would care for. Otherwise I like boobs of different sizes and nipples of different sizes, shapes, colors.
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  4. Panama Jack

    Panama Jack Members

    My wife and I are nudist and have seen breast of all shapes and sizes. It really is about the woman who carries them. I absolutely love to see a confident woman. Be happy with what you got and keep your body toned. I have seen some knock out gorgeous women with hardly any breast.
    Conversely, my wife is now 36DD’s and had a small reduction and nipple re alignment. She is a senior woman. They did a breast lift. No implants, all natural. This helped her confidence.
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  5. RBecca

    RBecca Members

    perky and sensitive.... perfect. Size not a issue as I don’t really care to titty fuck. Spraying my self on them, size does not matter. If I can play with them and see that it’s a very big turn on for you...they are perfect
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  6. Micheal9

    Micheal9 Members

    Your breast size sounds perfect to me. I on only prefer small breast big ones do nothing for me.
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  7. diesel#

    diesel# Members

    I like like DDs/DDDs best but I wouldn’t turn down any if I were a single man. As long as the woman likes them touched and fondled, they’re great!
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  8. iamjustme

    iamjustme Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I do not like xtra large breast. Never have.
    I like proportionality. If a woman is thin build, then perky tits look great.
    If a woman is curvy, then plump, round tits look great.
    It is all in the package that surrounds them, more than themselves.
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  9. Tullian

    Tullian Member

    I too am an ass-man. Breast size doesn't mean much to me at all. Truthfully, I prefer A and B cups, as they are "just right".
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  10. Wibby

    Wibby Members

    Small breasts really turn me on
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  11. Michael1985

    Michael1985 Member

    I've long said that it doesn't matter to me as long as a woman has identifiable curves and doesn't look totally flat.
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  12. Barry Mandelay

    Barry Mandelay Members

    Having had sex with over 30 different women I have had all sized breasts in my mouth. Large ones, small ones, Sagging and pert. A properly proportioned woman is sexy as hell but that's where it ends. If she isn't a match personality wise I am not as attracted to her. But if she is let's go. When it comes to the female breast nipples are what I enjoy. Nice long round protruding nipples that are sensitive to my suck. If she responds to my tongue or suction on her chest it drives me crazy. So, Emma, your partner pays attention to what he sees which is a set of large tits on a porn star, like most men, but he still loves to please you sexually and doesn't complain about your lack there of don't be concerned about your breast size. Besides if you look at it this way, the smaller they are the less there is for gravity to take over.
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  13. Happy Guy

    Happy Guy Members

    I’ve always found small breasts to be really, really sexy.
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  14. Mysteron

    Mysteron Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Hey darling, what are you worried about? I am quite sure that you are in proportion to your size .The worst thing you can do is to start comparing yourself to others.Very often it's like comparing lemons and limes .Your beautifull and you need to think that way and I am sure whoever you end up with will think the same .x
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  15. Emma Srsly

    Emma Srsly Members

    Thank you all! Its so nice to hear that it doesn't matter as much as I thought. Think I'm very conscious and got bullied and teased by guys and girls a lot when younger...just lacking confidence. I guess I get envious to as bigger boobs would be nice...but a very good point, at least I don't have back problems and gravity is not an issue x
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  16. Emma Srsly

    Emma Srsly Members

    I am also a didn't help me but I'm happy to be myself and get clothes off in that sense. Its a great feeling
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  17. Emma Srsly

    Emma Srsly Members

    I think there's so much about how we should look it gets to me. The worst is when I see teens that are 12 who have boobs and gorgeous figures. My worry is...sounds silly...I don't have the whole package to offer whereas other girls/women with the figure boobs bum face and personality outshine me.
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  18. Mysteron

    Mysteron Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Darling they don't . That's just your perception . Be happy how you are and look . Being confident is key . Confidence is sexy . X
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  19. Emma Srsly

    Emma Srsly Members

    Thank you! :blush: a lot of it is me in my own head. These posts have been reassuring x
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  20. Mysteron

    Mysteron Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Darling that is correct. My wife has big boobs and she wishes they were smaller. Women especially the younger are their own worst critics .;)

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