Bonnaroo!!! :-D

Discussion in 'Music' started by musicallychallenged2, May 25, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone... I hate to sound so commercialistic (my new word!) about this... but just announce this:


    I bought 4 tickets and one of our friends can't go. The ticket was $164.50 along with charity donations, tax, tax tax, convience tax, and tip tax (just kidding)... it came to about $180. I'm looking to give this ticket to a loving home at or near the price I paid for it.

    I have a paypal account for check or money order payments if you feel uncomfortable disclosing information directly to me. Otherwise, you can e-mail me at and we can arrange something. I will ship anywhere in the U.S.

    oK... so, $180 or best offer! Please e-mail.


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